Sometimes a movie is so bad it becomes iconic, and below you will find 10 of the best bad movies ever made.  It's hard to believe that any of these movies ever made it past the cutting room floor. 

  1. "Teen Wolf." Michael J. Fox is the worst player on his high school's terrible basketball team.  He plans to quit the team until he starts turning into a werewolf.  He sprouts hair all over his body and grows a nasty pair of fangs.  Still, he manages to become the most popular guy in school the best basketball player on the team.  While Fox is funny and likeable, it's a bit odd that no one is bothered by the fact that he's a werewolf.  The only way to get through this bad movie is to think of it as a thinking man's basketball movie.

  2. "Weekend at Bernie's II."  Apparently, everyone enjoyed seeing a dead guy hauled around in the original movie so much, they made an even creepier sequel.  In the second installation of this bad movie, they bring Bernie back from the dead by reanimating his corpse with the help of a Voodoo Priestess.  But, the spell went wrong and now he's only reanimated when music is playing. 

  3. "Transformers."  Before Megan Fox and Shia LeBouf, there was a very bad animated movie about the Transformers.  Eight year old boys everywhere rejoiced when it was released, but it was really an 84 minute long toy commercial.  Somehow, the producers of this movie convinced both Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy to do voice-overs.  Clearly, the movie had a very large budget.

  4. "Showgirls."  What do you get when you cross nudity, bad pole dancing, and that girl from "Saved by the Bell"?  You get "Showgirls," a movie so bad it is now a cult classic.  It's hard to believe a movie this bad ever made it into the theaters. 

  5. "Theodore Rex."   Whoopie Goldberg stars as a police detective who lives in an alternate reality where she works side-by-side with a dinosaur cop.  The dinosaurs in this movie wear clothes, have jobs, and even eat in restaurants.  After the movie studio realized just how bad this movie was, it went to direct to video.  Good call.   

  6. "Mr. Nanny."  Imagine Hulk Hogan in a pink tutu.  If you can't imagine it, don't worry, you can just watch this movie to see him wear a tutu.  Hulk Hogan plays a nanny of two bratty kids who are constantly making mischief.  But, I think the pink tutu sums up everything you need to know about this movie. 

  7. "Glitter."  Considering that the movie was based on Mariah Carey's life story, you would think she wouldn't have trouble playing herself.  Wrong.  The movie is just plain bad.  It is completely over-the-top, full of absurd drama, and it is painful to watch.  After seeing this movie, you will be glad that Mariah Carey doesn't star in movies anymore.  

  8. "Battlefield Earth."  This movie is truly the best of the bad movies.  John Travolta plays an alien that looks like a 9-foot-tall Klingon with dreadlocks and non-opposable thumbs.  Man is enslaved on earth working for these aliens that think "man-animals" are too dumb to be sentient.  Man fights back and eventually wins.  The greatest travesty may be that the movie studio is considering a sequel.   

  9. "Anaconda."  Combining the acting talents of J-Lo, Ice Cube, John Voight, and a giant CGI snake, you know this is a bad movie before you even watch it.  Some scenes in the movie show a malfunctioning animatronic snake, yet they continued to record the scenes without any editing.   

  10. "Deep Blue Sea."  Scientists in a secret lab in the middle of the ocean are trying to cure Alzheimer's with genetically modified super-intelligent sharks that eventually turn on them.  The movie is worth watching if only for the scene where Samuel L. Jackson gives a rousing speech to rally everyone together, and is promptly eaten in one bite by a great white shark.  This terrible movie is not only bad, it is absolutely absurd.