There’s something about the sun and sand that calls for a dirty romp, such as the ones found in these 10 best beach sex scenes. Hollywood has provided explicit seaside sensuality as far as back as the 50’s. Maybe some of the movies below will inspire you to find or create your own sandy sexual experience. 

  1. “Good Luck Chuck.” Dane Cook is cursed in that every girl who Breaks up with him finds “Mr. Right.” When word gets out, he’s bombarded by girls who want to have sex with him and then leave him. One of his sexual encounters includes a session on the beach.

  2. “Ask the Dust.” Check out a couple of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek, get it on at the beach. Follow the two in a story of their atypical relationship and an exploration of each character’s individual identity.

  3. Tarzan, the Ape Man.” The 1981 depiction of Tarzan featured Bo Derek at her sexiest. She makes love with the wild savage on the beach with the sun setting in the background.

  4. “Humanoids from the Deep.” Imagine a world of mutated humans whose sole purpose is to breed any female they encounter. Appearing out of the water, a humanoid captures one of the main characters and has sex with her on the beach.

  5. “From Here to Eternity.” This classic of the 1950’s features the most famous beach sex scene in film. The Hawaiian sands are the setting for the adulterous sexual relations.

  6. “Sex and the City.” Samantha Jones is back again but this time in widescreen so you can catch more of the action when she rolls in the sand with her sex partner, Smith Jerrod. Catch them slipping and sliding in wetsuits when you rent this movie.

  7. “Year of the Jellyfish.” The phrase “menage a trois” originates from the French so it’s only appropriate that they provide us with a first-rate illustration of the act. Look no further than “Year of the Jellyfish” where you can catch a raunchy threesome at the beaches of Southern France between a daughter, her mother, and the mother’s gigolo.

  8. “Blame it on Rio.” You’ll recognize the young Demi Moore as a teenage nymphet in this sex comedy. She stars with Michelle Johnson as they both take over the topless beaches of Rio during their vacation. Expect teenage seductions, especially of much older men.

  9. “Hardbodies.” “Playboy” fans will love this film about some horny middle-aged men who learn how to pick up “hardbodies” at Venice Beach. It was originally going to be presented as a “Playboy TV” movie, but became a feature film instead.

  10. “Sprin Break.” This movie has a similar plotline to “Hardbodies” but with four college guys looking to bang some bunnies at the beach during their spring break. Look out for the sexy 1982 “Penthouse Playmate of the Year.”