Filmmakers seem to think that the beach is the best place to film a sex scene, so here are a list of the 10 best beach sex scenes. At one time, directors used to show waves crashing on the shore instead of sex, so maybe that’s why they now film so many beach sex scenes.

  1. "The Blue Lagoon." Cousins Richard and Emily are left alone on a desert island after the death of Paddy. Before long, they become attracted to each other. The beauty of the sex scene is the innocence of the children, and as this is set in the Victorian period, they have little understanding of what they have done. There seems to be a mixture of fear and anticipation.

  2. "From Here to Eternity." This may seem mild by today’s standards as this was released in 1953, but back then it was considered quite racy. Karen and Warden are alone on the beach, and Karen runs into the water. Wardens follow her and they end up kissing on the beach. When they return to the towel they continue kissing and both want to take it further.

  3. "Presque Rien." Mathieu has escaped problems at home and spends his summer by the sea. He is an innocent young man and meets the much more experienced Cedric and they begin a gay relationship. The affair is carried out on film with great passion. They start by playing in the sea and end up having sex on the beach. Although the relationship does not work, it is a romantic first encounter.

  4. "Three." A slightly disturbing sex scene as the actress Kelly Brooks’s character Jennifer does not appear to be enjoying it. Having been ship wrecked, Jennifer and Manuel are left on a desert island. It starts in the water, and moves along to the beach. Although she does not seem to try to stop it happening, there is little lead up and it is over soon.

  5. "Sex and Lucia." While Lorenzo is celebrating his birthday he meets Elana and they are attracted. Although they do not know each other’s names, they end up on the beach at and make love at midnight. The act takes place under water and Elana become pregnant although Lorenzo does not know.

  6. "Heading South." A reflection of female sex tourists, the men are used as toys while the women rediscover themselves. The idea of female rape is unusual, but in this case it is if for no other reason than the boys are only fifteen. 

  7. "The Thorn Birds." Made even more exiting by the fact that Ralph is a priest and should not be having sex anywhere, the beautiful sea and sand somehow made it understandable. He seemed to have no doubts as he lay Meggie in the sand, and her initial concerns quickly fade. It is one of the more touching beach sex scenes.

  8. "The Beach." A young American is backpacking in Asia and is told about a beach that is an idyll. One night Richard and Francoise are walking along the beach and Francoise tells him she is falling in love. Yet another scene that starts off in the water then moves to the beach for the finale. The scene in the water shows water surrounding them in swirls as they kiss.

  9. "Chaahat Ek Nasha." Even Bollywood has got in on the act of sex on the beach. Although not as explicit a sex scene as many Hollywood films, it goes further than many other film of the genre.

  10. "Swept Away." A scene on the beach so steamy that it made Madonna's then husband Guy Ritchie jealous, even though he directed it. Stranded on a desert island, she is now dependent on the man she humiliated. The concern could be that by having sex on the beach she was doing it just to make sure she was looked after.