The list of the 10 best bad ass movies includes some of the best action films—with some of the most memorable characters—ever made. A film that has an edge to it, fueled by testosterone and violence, and with characters you’d be worried about meeting in real life, qualifies as a bad ass movie. These movies make you want to watch them again and again, just so you can feel tough by extension.

  1. “Pulp Fiction.” This Quentin Tarantino classic is full of bad-asses, from Bruce Willis’ Butch Coolidge to Ving Rhames’ Marsellus Wallace to Samuel Jackson’s Jules Willfield. The movie has a dude’s head getting blown off, a rape scene involving an imprisoned gimp, and lots and lots of tough dialogue. It’s definitely one of the best bad ass movies ever.

  2. “Gladiator.” One of the best bad ass movies ever made, this film stars Russell Crowe as a former war hero turned into slave turned into arena gladiator. Doomed to die against all odds, Crowe’s character rallies the other slaves to a series of very dramatic upsets in the arena before his final conflict with the lying emperor.

  3. “Fight Club.” This was a unique film when it was released in 1999 and is one of the best bad ass movies. Starring Ed Norton as a character having an identity crisis, the plot revolves around a club where men get together to beat the crap out of each other. The twist ending is pretty cool, too.

  4. “Die Hard.” This is the first film in a tough-guy franchise, starring Bruce Willis, and one of the best bad ass movies ever made. Willis’ character stumbles upon a Christmas party overrun by terrorists, who he takes out one at a time.

  5. “The Matrix.” This film, one of the best bad ass movies ever made, broke a lot of ground when it was released in 1999. Starring Keanu Reeves and with an interesting futuristic concept, the movie has a lot of great fight scenes and a pretty cool underlying battle between man and computer.

  6. “Face Off.” This film featured Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in a scenario where one was an ultra bad guy and the other an ultra good guy. Through a bizarre scenario they switch faces, playing each other, one chasing the other. The movie is full of explosions, guns and fights.

  7. “Rambo.” This film, one of the best bad ass movies, starred 1980s tough guy Sylvester Stallone as a Vietnam veteran who goes back to rescue Americans still held prisoner. It set the tone for toughness for the 1980s and made Stallone a legend.

  8. “Clockwork Orange.” The character Alex Delarge is the protagonist in this dystopian Stanley Kubrick classic. Alex’s character is as dysfunctional as they come, participating in rape, assault and even murder. He is a bad dude until he gets “cured” by a controversial new method.

  9. “Sin City.” This dark movie has its roots in a graphic novel series and is filled with harsh themes, violent people, ugly actions and bad asses. Not for the faint of heart, the movie has an outstanding cast, but shows most of them in a new light.

  10. “Rumble in the Bronx.” This film brought Jackie Chan to stardom in the United States. A Hong Kong cop in America for a wedding, Chan’s character has to come to the rescue of his family terrorized by gangs. He unleashed his martial arts brilliance and established himself as a major bad ass.