The wardrobe manager plays an important role in every movie but the 10 best authentic movie costumes were put together by people who went to extra mile to make the characters look the part. Authentic costumes must look real and decent outfits can make on break a period drama. It is hard to know what real aliens or vampires look like but everyone can easily identify monster costumes that look inauthentic. If it looks real it's authentic. Here are the 10 best authentic movie costumes.

  1. "Victoria" in "Young Victoria," 2009. The outfits worn by the delightfully eye pleasing Emily Blunt, helped this movie win an Oscar for costume design in 2010. Emily looked authentic when sitting on her throne, with her crown and ludicrously long robe.

  2.  "Elizabeth" in "Elizabeth The Golden Age,"2007. Another Queen from England and another authentic looking movie costume. This time Cate Blanchett was the one wearing the crown and every time she came on screen, it was like looking at a portrait of the 16th century virgin Queen

  3. "Quasimodo" in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," 1923. Lon Chaney was known as the man of a thousand faces but his authentic looking Quasimodo costume was his best effort. Chaney went on to play a variety of other villains but this film remains a classic after 90 years.

  4. "Darth Maul," in "The Phantom Menace." 1998. OK so nobody really believes that Sith dark lords exist but if they did they would look like Darth Maul. This costume was as frightening as it was authentic looking and it was one of the best costumes of the 90's. 

  5.  "Freddie Krueger," in "Nightmare on Elm Street," 1984. Freddie Krueger was not blessed with looks but he did have one of the best costumes ever. People still have sleepless nights to this day because Freddie looked so real.

  6. "Phantom" in "Phantom of the Opera," 1927. Well he did have a thousand faces didn't he? This Lon Chaney effort was just as authentic looking as his earlier costume in the Hunchback movie. Chaney looked terrifying in his vampire like cape and disfigured mask.

  7. "Queen Victoria," in "Mrs Brown," 1997. From Young Victoria to old Victoria and the black mourning outfit worn by Judi Dench. This movie captured the mood of England at the time and Dench bore a striking similarity to the English Queen. 

  8. "Alexander," in "Alexander," 2004. This movie was absolute rubbish and does not deserve a mention other than for the fact it had authentic looking costumes. Colin Farrell as the title character looked the part and the costumes were the best part of the whole project. 

  9. "Bill The Butcher," in "Gangs of New York," 2002. Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor and in this movie the people dressing him were equally talented. Bill the Butcher looked as if he had walked straight out of 19th century New York and his Hat was the best part of the whole film. 

  10. "Frankenstein," in "Frankenstein" 1931. Long before he did the narration for "The Grinch Stole Christmas," Boris Karloff was terrifying kids all over the U.S. as Frankenstein. The authentic looking movie costume they used in the film has been used as the basis for many Frankensteins since.