Asian movies had a good year in 2010, but our 10 best Asian movies of 2010 should narrow the list down a bit. These films span throughout the entire spectrum of movies, action, romance, documentary. They definitely won't disappoint any hopeful viewer.

  1. ''Bruce Lee, My Brother'' Many movies, Asian or otherwise, have been made about the life story of Bruce Lee. This is the most recent and one of the best, capturin the spirit of the headstrong young man whose death came too soon.

  2. ''My Amnesia Girl'' A comedy about a great couple who, as the name suggests, have a bout with memory loss. Through the rest of the film, they try to reconcile while tracking clues as to what happened.

  3. ''Love Cuts'' This Asian film tackles a much more serious subject than the rest, breast cancer. A mother is diagnosed with this, and we see the stages she goes through when it's decided she needs risky surgery.

  4. ''Troubleshooter'' A murder/mystery story as seen from the point of a young detective. This film is great because the line between right and wrong, good guy and bad guy aren't so clear cut.

  5. ''Merry Go Round'' A story of reverse immigration. Two women from two time periods return to Shanghai and reestablish their roots there. This Asian Film's cinematography must be praised and the plot is near perfect.

  6. ''Wind Blast'' Action is the main theme of this movie. A hitman who decides to kill a high-ranking gangster. We follow him through his travels and see plenty of adventure on the way.

  7. ''Till My Heartaches End'' This Asian movie tells the tale of a young man who discovers more to life than his career and monetary gain. When he meets the love of his life, he decides that she's more important to him than everything else.

  8. ''Kingfisher'' A story of a long grudge between a policeman and two murderers. It's a complicated web of lies that leads to everyone's despair. A thrilling movie but not the happiest one ever.

  9. ''Death Tube'' A play of decoration on the ''YouTube'' Logo. A website runs a series of snuff films, and viewers are randomly selected to participate. This Asian film is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  10. ''Frozen'' A young woman accidentally releases another young woman from her grandfather's cryogenic lab. This tale is of friendship and acceptance of society, truly heartwarming.