Some of the 10 best Asian martial arts movies are strict action tales, while other movies mix in a bit of humor, drama or fantasy. All of these movies include exciting stories with great heroes and terrible villains. Critics sometimes scorn the martial arts genre, but the very best Asian martial arts movies can hold their own in any context. 

  1. “Seven Samurai” is an Asian martial arts movie that takes the genre in a more dramatic and realistic direction. This film has enough martial arts to qualify for this list, but it handles the subject in a more realistic way and it’s more focused on story than is typical.

  2. “The Five Deadly Venoms” is one of the most interesting Asian martial arts movies and it plays out more like a thriller than a typical action film. It involves masked characters and figuring out their identities.

  3. The Chinese Connection” is one of the best Asian martial arts movies starring Bruce Lee. It’s about a young martial arts student looking to avenge his teacher’s murder.

  4. “Ninja in the Dragon’s Den” has more elaborate fight scenes than most Asian martial arts movies. It’s especially famous for a scene where two people fight while on stilts. Overall, it’s a very entertaining film about a ninja and a kung-fu master teaming up.

  5. “Police Story” is one of the best Asian martial arts movies starring Jackie Chan. The movie is about a cop who gets caught up in a drug war.

  6. “Fists of Fury” is another film starring Bruce Lee. In this movie, Lee plays a worker at a factory where the boss is mistreating and exploiting the employees and.

  7. “Hero” is one of the best Asian martial arts movies today. This film is a historic epic with elements of fantasy starring. It had a bigger budget than is typical for Asian martial arts movies.

  8. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is another modern, big budget Asian martial arts extravaganza. It tells the story of martial arts masters who are entangled in the search for a special sword. The acting and story in this movie are especially excellent.

  9. “Shaolin Master Killer” tells the story of a young man who wants to learn martial arts so he can stand against tyranny. This movie is a classic for old school kung-fu fans.

  10. “A Touch of Zen” is one of the first Asian martial arts movies to integrate elements of fantasy. The warriors in this movie can fly and do amazing feats during battle. It’s also incredibly well shot from an artistic perspective with above average acting and story.