Anime love stories can be strange (that's a massive understatement), so the 10 best anime couples aren't going to resemble that of Western romance. But it's precisely this strangeness that can make an anime couple so endearing. Against incomprehensible odds, two people manage to fall in love, even if they are the reincarnated spirits of bitter enemies or one is an android and the other is a butterfly. Yeah, and it only gets weirder, so get ready.

  1. Ayato and Reika from "Rahxephon" Ayato is your everyday schoolboy and Reika is the girl he imagines loves him but no one else seems to know exists. He paints dreamy paintings of her and... oh, she's als the spirit that powers the giant robot he uses to fight dimensional invaders. Handle it.

  2. Kouji and Fina from "Infinite Ryvius" Kouji is your everyday space station trainee and Fina is the girl from a moon of Uranus who also happens to have a secret murderous intent and worships the goddess of a psycho cult.

  3. Renton and Eureka from "Eureka 7" So Renton joins this rebel airship crew where his job is to pilot a giant skateboarding robot and there he meets Eureka, a blue-haired girl descended from a sentient plant race who sprouts wings like a butterfly. Very cute. 

  4. Tohma and Helga from "Fantastic Children" Tohma and Helga are preteen children who are also reincarnated spirits from another planet. Apparently, Tohma killed Helga's fiancé out of jealousy and then used a machine to reincarnate with her on earth. Great way to restart a relationship. 

  5. Lin and Abriel from "Crest of the Stars" Abriel is a princess of a great space empire of genetically enhanced elves that desire to conquer all of humanity. And Lin is just another conquered human. They join together on behalf of the great elven space empire to fight the poor humans and in the midst of their quest, fall in love. A beautiful tale of a sellout and his girl.

  6. Hideki and Chi from "Chobits" He's a college student; she's a robot he found in the dumpster. She can only say one word and has the IQ of a bean; he can't get a real girlfriend and is running out of hand lotion. Destiny at its best.

  7. Brandon and Maria from "Gungrave" Maria is the love of Brandon's life until he dies and becomes an enhanced killing robot. Unfortunately, while he was dead, she married this old guy and had a daughter and then died, too. Fortunately, by the time Brandon wakes up as a killing robot, the daughter has bloomed quite nicely.

  8. Spike and Julia from "Cowboy Bebop" This one is touching. Spike has been trying to reunite with Julia, but the menacing Vicious stands in the way. All the distance of space won't stop this cowboy from defeating him and getting her back.

  9. Keitaro and Naru from "Love Hina" Keitaro gets to study for his college entrance exam while living in a house full of hotties. You pray that polygamy is legalized so he can build his harem, but alas, he has to settle on Naru. And they have many more awkward hot spring encounters till death does them part. 

  10. Kira and Lacus from "Gundam Seed" So here's a love square between Kira, his estranged best friend, a singing girl named Lacus and this blonde chick. You think Kira and the blonde chick are going to hook up until you find out they are siblings. And the best friend and Lacus are engaged, but that doesn't stop Kira from sticking his gundam in between. In the end, the best friend and the blonde chick hook up and Kira pulls Lacus into the gundam, closes the shutters and they drift away.