There have been many quality movies about animals over the years as evidenced by this list of the 10 best animal movies. This list is compiled of movies that will make you laugh, cry and cringe in terror.  

  1. "Turner and Hooch" The 1989 action comedy starring Tom Hanks and featuring a Dogue de Bordeaux (Hooch) quickly gained popularity among moviegoers. A major reason for the movie's popularity was the shenanigans Hooch would get himself into while at officer Turner's house (Hanks). The Dogue de Bordeaux is also referred to as a French Mastiff and can reach weights of up to 145 pounds. Despite its box office success, there have not been any plans for a sequel.

  2. "Cujo" Based on a Stephen King novel, this 1983 horror film featured a Saint Bernard that went rabid after getting bit by a bat. The movie does deviate from the novel because the book's primary child character ended up dying of heat exhaustion, while at the end of the movie he survived. "Cujo" ended up being nominated for best horror film.

  3. "King Kong" The original 1933 movie about the fictional gorilla was a classic, the first remake (1976) a success, while the third "King Kong" movie (2005) made this list of top ten animal movies. All three were critically acclaimed, while the 2005 version featured some fabulous special effects. 

  4. "Old Yeller" A popular Disney film in 1957, "Old Yeller" was based on the book by Fred Gipson. Though a tear jerker, "Old Yeller" is still a popular family movie, hence its place on this ten best animal movies list. 

  5. "Where the Red Fern Grows" Another sad movie based on a novel, "Where the Red Fern Grows" was released in 1974 and gained instant popularity. The movie was remade in 2003, but was not nearly as popular as the original. 

  6. "Dr Dolittle" "Dr. Dolittle" is a 1998 comedy starring Eddie Murphy playing a doctor who realizes he can speak to animals. Some animals featured in this movie include dogs, guinea pigs, owls and monkeys. Four sequels spun from the original. 

  7. "Jaws" A 1975 thriller, "Jaws" finds itself on the ten best animals movies list because of its immense popularity. This Steven Spielberg classic is one of the best animal movies of all time. The film was followed by three sequels and "Jaws Unleashed" the video game was released in 2006.

  8. "101 Dalmatians" The second Walt Disney film to make the animal movies list, the 1996 version of "101 Dalmatians" is a remake of the 1961 animated classic. This movie was popular among adults and children alike as it grossed over $320 million worldwide.

  9. "Lady and the Tramp" Yet another Disney film, "Lady and the Tramp" is the only animated film to make the animal movie list. Despite being ridiculed by critics, it was an enormous box office success and was listed among the top 100 love stories of all time be the American Film Institute.

  10. "Best in Show" This popular 2000 mockumentary (it makes fun of owners who spend their livelihoods involving themselves in dog shows) was co-written by Eugene Levy of "American Pie" fame. Levy also starred in the movie as an owner of a Norwich Terrier. This clever film is listed as one of Bravos top 50 funniest movies and grossed over $20 million worldwide. It also was the winner of American, British and Canadian comedy awards.