10 Best Alien Movies

Wednesday, December 8 by Lara Stewart

Which movies would you pick if you had to list the 10 best alien movies? Alien movies have been a Hollywood staple since the birth of the space age. Hundreds of alien movies have been made over the years, ranging from ambitious epics to light comedies. With all that material, there was plenty to choose from for our list of the 10 best alien movies.

  1. "Star Wars" No list of alien movies would be complete without "Star Wars." Who can resist the quest of the rebels against the ruling Empire? While the protagonists are human, the pub scene alone boasts more varied alien species than the entire series.
  2. "Alien" Truly one of the most frightening alien movies ever made. The crew members of a space ship are hunted and attacked one by one. Designed by Swiss surreal artist H. R. Giger, the eponymous alien, this is one of the strangest and scariest creatures featured in any movie.
  3. "Starman" Alien movies can be tender, too. In "Starman," an alien takes the form of a widow's dead husband, creating emotional conflicts for her. The movie also has its share of exciting chase scenes and funny dialogue, making it an all-around fun movie to watch.
  4. "Cocoon" This feel-good alien movie reminds audiences that elderly folks still have a lot going on upstairs, as they help friendly aliens find their way home.
  5. "District 9" This movie about alien refugees is a little less happy than the previous two. "District 9" was a sleeper hit due to its unusual documentary style and ethically complex plot.
  6. "Men in Black" Kids and adults loved this film for its comedic dialogue, suspenseful action and charming stars. There are plenty of aliens—most friendly, some not—in this peek inside the reality of alien conspiracy nuts, where aliens live among us, concealed by the eponymous men in black.
  7. "Night of the Creeps" Comedy and horror meet in this 1980s alien movie as alien slugs take over a rural town, turning everyone they attack into voracious zombies.
  8. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" In the first film based on the television series, the crew of the Enterprise takes on an alien ship that is headed toward Earth. Americans have been living with some sort of Trek series since "Star Trek: The Next Generation" debuted in 1980, so it's surprising to realize that the original series had ceased production ten years before "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was made. It was only the success of such films as "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" that convinced studios to allow the movie to be made, kicking off a craze that has not died off yet.
  9. "Starship Troopers" In a militaristic future, humans battle alien insects. This sly satire was initially a bomb, but gathered a cult following over a period of years. In between epic battles with insectile aliens, the film makes scathing points about conformism, militarism and the fear-driven attitudes that lead to fascism.
  10. "The Thing" Spare and atmospheric, this alien movie derives a lot of its suspense from the protagonists' isolation in a deadly arctic wasteland as they are stalked by an alien invader. One of the best alien movies ever made, it's also one of the most grim.
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