The 10 best action movies of 2007 are the kinds of films you want to take every single one of your guy friends to! These are octane-driven and adrenaline-overloaded movies that make you proud to be a guy and superior to women for their wimpy taste in touchy-feely movies.

  1. "Spider-Man 3." Easily web-swinging its way to the top of this list is "Spider-Man 3," which, at the time of its release, broke all sorts of records for biggest three-day, box-office opening. Some have criticized this film for being chaotic due to its inclusion of too many villains, but it still delivers a web-swinging, action-overloaded time.

  2. "300." What says second-best action movie of 2007 better than a bunch of overly muscular actors playing the 300 Spartans who held off an eastern, Persian attack?! Nothing, that's what! "300" opened insanely strong in the spring of 2007, bolstered by its artistically displayed, graphic novel violence as much as its involving action scenes.

  3. "Transformers." While the second "Transformers" movie represented a massive drop in quality, this first installment is still very palatable. Starring Shia LaBeouf and the questionable actress Megan Fox (she can act, but just barely), "Transformers" sacrifices some attention on the machines themselves in favor of a plot line that involves the humans too much.

  4. "The Bourne Ultimatum." Starring Matt Damon reprising his role from the earlier film, "The Bourne Ultimatum" is the film to see if you think Matt Damon can't be an action actor. He pulls off the action-oriented lead role convincingly, which is why this action movie of 2007 comes in at number four.

  5. "Shooter." "Shooter" is what you call a thoughtless-entertainment movie (aren't they all, really?), a movie that works best if you just sit back and open your eyes really wide...while not thinking at all. Mark Wahlberg captains this movie, and it features a non-original plot involving a conspiracy along with a political assassination.

  6. "3:10 to Yuma." "3:10 to Yuma" deserves the sixth spot on this list of the best action movies of 2007 just because it comes from a dying genre: the Western genre! Starring everyone's favorite Batman (Christian Bale) along with Russell Crowe, this movie's strength is in the complexity of the villain character, played by Crowe.

  7. "The Kingdom." Placed at seventh on this list of the best action movies of 2007, "The Kingdom" is a film that deals with the modern-day dilemma of terrorism and the Arab world. About a terrorist bomb having detonated inside of a Saudi Arabian compound that is meant to house Westerners, "The Kingdom" features many scenes of excruciating, graphic violence, so be forewarned!

  8. "Vacancy." "Vacancy" is not what you would call a traditional action movie, but it still is overly deserving of the seventh place on this list of the best action movies of 2007 since it is mega-thrilling and scary, too. About a couple (played by Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson) who stay at a motel for the night, this film sees the two being preyed on by a group of sadists who run the motel, only to kill whomever stays there!

  9. "Rescue Dawn." This is the only true story that was also an effective action movie of 2007 on this much-lauded list. This action movie stars Christian Bale as Dieter Dengler, who had his plane shot down over Vietnam and then was also captured by the enemy to boot, just to make his day even more worse!

  10. "I Am Legend." This action movie of 2007 takes the final spot on this countdown although it basically features one actor, Will Smith, for much of the movie. If you can put up with Smith interacting mainly with a German Shepherd and some CGI zombies, then more power to you!