The 10 best action movie trailers should be energetic, breathtaking and, of course, make viewers want to see the film. While many action movie trailers fulfill all three of these guidelines, ten stand out more than others. Below is a list of the best action movie trailers.

  1. "The Fighter". Mark Whalberg fights to overcome previous embarrassment, prove himself and avoid those who are interested in him solely for what he can provide. Emotional and dramatic, the action movie trailer makes viewers jump in their seats when the polic break Wahlberg’s hand. That trailer moment alone sells tickets.

  2. "The Bourne Ultimatum". The final in the trilogy, the movie trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum is perhaps the most suspenseful because it follows Bourne as he comes closer and closer to home. Martial arts, car chases and calmly delivered threats make the trailer one of the best.

  3. "Mission Impossible 2". If Tom Cruise hanging single handedly from the side of a cliff isn’t enough danger, the additions of car chases and explosions make this one of the best action movie trailers ever. And will viewers ever forget Cruise catching a gun in mid air?

  4. "The Dark Knight". Although Batman saves the day, even in this trailer it’s Heath Ledger who steals the show. Complete with creepy makeup and bone-chilling laughter, the Joker draws in viewers – viewers who just might want to look away, but just can’t.

  5. "Fight Club". Thank you movie studios, for introducing us to Tyler Durden, particularly a Tyler Durden who wants us to hit him. Brad Pitt, a smoking Helena Bonham Carter and Ed Norton narrating his boring life make this movie seem interesting, but it’s the three rules of "Fight Club" that make this action movie trailer brilliant.

  6. "Terminator". Sure, it’s from the 1980’s, but the original is still the best. Who else but Schwarzenegger could pull off that eerie stare and make us believe in human robots?

  7. "Die Hard". Yep, he’s back! The idea of driving a car into a helicopter is pretty intense. But when coupled with Timothy Olyphant’s voice in the background, the trailer itself seems to jump from the screen.

  8. "Gladiator". Blood, swor fighting, shouting crowds. These aspects of the Gladiator movie trailer, though, aren’t as moving as Russell Crowe’s speech identifying just who he is. It’s a safe bet that watching this trailer means a viewer won’t wait long before seeing the entire film.  

  9. "Vertical Limit". This trailer shows that snow is anything but peaceful. Contradicting orders, three climbers find themselves with only hours until they succumb to the cold, unless their rescue team can rescue them. The swallowing mountain snow is enough to make viewers feel as though they, too, are having difficulty breathing.

  10. "Kill Bill". Subtle, serene, sexy. Who knew anyone, much less hot women, could move like that? The stunts in the trailer alone are awe-inspiring.