Interested in what the 10 best action figure movies are? These action figure movies are not only blockbusters, they also generated incredibly cool merchandise. Some of the most popular action figures were based on these action figure movies.

  1. “The Incredible Hulk”. Hulk smash Ang Lee! While Ang Lee is undoubtedly one of finest contemporary filmmakers, the Taiwanese maestro did not quite hit the mark with “Hulk”. “The Incredible Hulk” on the other hand, was a fantastic reboot which also resulted in some very impressive action figures.

  2. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”. The first movie kicked off a slew of cool action figures. The Remembrall Malfroy action figure is probably the rarest from the entire series.

  3. “Iron Man 2”. Make no mistake about it, “Iron Man” was the bomb. It also featured a cameo appearance of the War Machine armor. The sequel however, featured a team up between the two super heroes and resulted in a nice-looking War Machine action figure.

  4. “Spider-Man 3”. The first two movies were pretty good. The third was spectacular. The New Goblin action figure is armed to the teeth with a goblin bomb, a pumpkin bomb and a sword.

  5. “Transformers”. The first movie definitely was the better flick. Not only that, it had the better toys. “Transformers” gave toy fans updated versions of their favorite robots including a menacing looking Megatron action figure.

  6. “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra”. Admittedly, the movie was a letdown. As far as action figures though, the film generated some interesting new looks for many of the fan-favorite characters.

  7. “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”. Technically, the trilogy should be looked at as once continuous saga. Since there is no such thing as a seven-hour film though, the final installment probably stands out the most. The scarce Haradim Archer is probably the most sought after action figure. Not only is it rare, its probably the best looking toy from the series. Even Tolkien would probably agree.

  8. “King Kong”. Who doesn't love the big gorilla? The huge action figure is perfect for destroying that city made out of blocks that your kid brother took an hour to build.

  9. “X2”. Among the three “X-Men” movies, movie buffs love the second installments. Toy collectors were also treated to a cool Nightcrawler action figure based on the movie designs.

  10. “Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope”. This is it. The best among all action figure movies. The original action figures are still common enough when they are loose, incomplete and beat-up. Sealed and carded figures though are very hard to find. A mint condition Anakin Skywalker with Coin, in pristine packaging runs for several thousand dollars.