The 10 best action English movies often fall by the wayside of international popularity. The small market in Great Britain thrives on the action genre, but exportation to the United States is not common. Rent one of these flicks and get ready for a fast paced ride.

  1. "Sexy Beast". This English action film is one of the rarities that made it American theaters. The story of a retired gangster who comes out of retirement to rob a bank to keep his demanding wife happy.

  2. "The Italian Job." This English action film, originally released in 1969, spawned an American remake featuring an all-star cast. The story involves a small group with a big idea to steal invaluable art.

  3. "The Long Good Friday". The English action film starring Bob Hoskins follows a gangster trying to go legit. When his gang starts turning up dead, he goes on a wild and violent rampage to find the culprits.

  4. "Get Carter". This violent English action film stars Michael Caine as a man seeking revenge for the death of his brother. The movie drew controversy in 1971 due to the graphic nature of the film.

  5. "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". This non-stop film follows two men who plot to rob drug dealers. The plot and action becomes highly involved and complicated and ends with an incredible twist.

  6. "The Ladykillers." An English action film with a comedic tone, the film follows one thief as he plots his next job. This dark and twisted story of odd characters and strange situations involves into non-stop action.

  7. "Layer Cake." This English action film concentrates on a cocaine dealer dealing with sheltering his daughter from his associates. The action moves quickly and the plot becomes dense before the movie culminates with an ending that no one sees coming.

  8. "Snatch". The highly successful English action film revolves around the activities of the underground. A wide cast of characters keeps the plot moving along as deals go wrong and murder becomes the common answer.

  9. "The Lavender Hill Mob". An English action film with a mobster base, the film gives us shoot-outs and chases. All the classic material needed to hold the attention of an action lover.

  10. "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead". An honorable mention goes to this English action film starring Clive Owen. The critics lacked appreciation for this story of a man revenging his brother in the rainy streets of London.