Let's take a nostalgic look back two decades at the 10 best 90's teen movies. It was a time of vampire slaying, pie humping and Alicia Silverstone. Some became classics while others were overlooked, but here are ten of the best teen films of the 1990's.

  1. "Clueless" The charming and sexy girl from the Aerosmith videos (Alicia Silverstone) made a huge splash as the ditzy teen with a heart of gold, Cher. An entire valley girl vocabulary crept into the cultural consciousness, with it's witty and fresh dialogue. It was a brighter and happie high school after years of flannel-wearing Angela Chase-types bumming us out.

  2. "10 things I hate about you" There were many teen movies in 90s that were adapted from Shakespeare plays or other classic novels, and this one was adapted from "The Taming of the Shrew." With a really exceptional cast, including the unknown Heath Ledger, this was a smart and funny take on the classic. There is also great music throughout which always makes a film so much more watchable.

  3. "Dazed and Confused" It is hard not to call this one a classic. A cast list that reads like a "before they were stars" of the Hollywood A-list, we were privileged with the early work of Ben Affleck, Parker Posey and Matthew McConaughey's best role ever. This is another hilarious film with quotable lines and awesome music from the 1970s.

  4. "Jawbreaker" This was a film that majorly bombed at the box office. It was a strange and dark tale of a group of girls who hide the fact that they killed their best friend by accidentally choking her with a jawbreaker. The film only gets stranger as it proceeds. However, an attempt at a 90s "Heathers" was not a complete failure, and the movie is very underrated. If anything, the humor is so macabre, you can't help but laugh.

  5. "Empire Records" This is another film that did nothing at the box office, but managed to become a cult favorites. An ensemble that includes young performances by Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger and many other familiar faces, it made for a stellar cast. Another key theme in 90s movies continues with "Empire Records," and that's a great soundtrack.

  6. "American Pie" This is a teen film that came when the MPAA decided to get a little more tough on allowing minors into theaters, coincidence? The bawdy but sweet comedy had another delightful young ensemble, many who have pretty much dropped off the radar since. The dirty humor and frank discussion paired with the innocence of adolescence was a potent mixture that pleased most. Too bad the producers decided to capitalize on the success and make way too many awful band camp spin-offs.

  7.  "Cruel Intentions" A modern take on the French story "Les Liaisons Dangereuses " but with teenagers. The teens in this film were manipulative and far too sexually active for their age, but it sure was a fun movie. Some of the key players of the 90s brat pack including Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon star. The drama is intense for a high school flick, but the 90s were all about teen angst.

  8. "Can't Hardly Wait" Once again, a film that is filled with future stars. Teen dream Jennifer Love Hewitt is the object of good hearted Preston's (Ethan Embry) affection, so he quietly contemplates how he is going to profess his love on the last day of school. Humorous, fun and endearing, "Can't Hardly Wait" is pure enjoyment.

  9. "The Craft" Four teenage outcasts decide to get even with their classmates with a little black magic. What begins as a film about the power of friendship turns into a bitches standoff, where the most powerful witch remains. It's a bit dreary but still a great teen flick.

  10. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Since the show surpassed the popularity of the film by a landslide, some people forget about the movie that started it all. It was a lighter and more campy take on the slayer saga featuring 90s dream boy, Luke Perry. The 90s were a better decade, when it was much more important to kill the vampires, than to cozy up to them.