The 10 best '90s sex in movies capture the decade of bold eroticism, late night trysts and passionate carnality of two strangers in front of audiences. The '90s had some of the best sex-themed movies back when erotic thrillers, indy films and bold filmmaking choices ruled. The growth of the Internet and cable TV in the '90s explained the many movies where the plot centered around illicit sex between main characters. These '90s sex movies are now considered some of the best in displaying how that powerful aspect in human nature can drive some of the most compelling stories.

  1. "Basic Instinct" Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone star in the quintessential '90s sex movie with more twists and turns than a crooked highway. A hardboiled detective investigates a murder that leads to a bisexual crime novelist as a prime suspect whom he has a dangerous, illicit affair.

  2. "Bound" The Wachowskis wrote and directed this '90s twist on a mobster tale of betrayal, sex and dirty money. Gina Gershon plays an ex-con, Corky, who falls in love with Jennifer Tilly's Violet, the wife of a known mobster named Caesar, and both plot to steal the money and blame it on him.

  3. "American Pie" The '90s sex comedy in the "Porky's" tradition brings a group of teenage boys who plan to lose their virginity before they graduat high school. Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Alyson Hannigan go through the every conceivable romp from hot foreign exchange students to MILFs to band camp. 

  4. "Poison Ivy" A high school outcast played by Sara Gilbert meets an alluring and carefree teen in Drew Barrymore's Ivy. The young, sexy seductress plots her way into the lonely heart of her friend's father in this memorable '90s thriller.

  5. "Indecent Proposal" A down on their luck married couple during the '90s recession get more than they bargained for in a Vegas trip. They accept a $1 million proposal from Robert Redford's John Gage to have sex with his wife for one night, which leads to a whirlwind of guilt and wounded hearts.

  6. "Color of Night" Bruce Willis stars as a psychiatrist who takes over his murdered friend's therapy group only to be a target of a serial killer. This typical '90s erotic thriller has him involved with the mysterious Rose, Jane March, in a sexual affair amidst a rising body count.

  7. "Wild Things" Denise Richards and Neve Campbell work together to frame their high school guidance counselor for rape. This '90s movie goes through every conceivable scenario from a sleazy FBI agent in Kevin Bacon to a lesbian affair to threesome sex. 

  8. "Cruel Intentions" A pair of spoiled rich kids, Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar, agree to a wager where Sebastian has sex with a virgin named Annette or lose his Jaguar. Things become complicated when Sebastian begins to fall in love with his target and he begins to have second thoughts.

  9. "Payback" Joan Severance, one of the '90s sex goddesses, plays the waitress wife of a former prison guard who is the target of revenge by an ex-con in C. Thomas Howell. The two begin an intense affair where a fortune in hidden money from a dying prisoner rests in the balance between passion and greed. 

  10. "The Dallas Connection" A group of assassins led by Julie Strain head out to prevent a man from handing over a computer chip to the IWAR organization. Christian Sedaris directed this '90s movie of bombs, blood, boobs and plenty of sex in this over the top action movie.