The 10 best 90's movies were a time of grunge rock, and they were the time of cult classics. Many movies from the 90's have achieved the title of cult classics. They have stood the test of time and they find a home on many people's DVD racks. Here are the 10 best 90's movies, cult classic, or not.

  1. "Fight Club" is definitely a cult classic. This 90's movie makes number one on the list because everyone knows "You don't talk about fight club." Both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt made this 1999 movie something worth talking about. And everyone talked about it. It is a man's movie and it is the best.

  2. "Pulp Fiction" remains in our heart, like a needle full of adrenalin. Who did not love this movie from the moment it hit the big screen in 1994? John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson stole the screen and made this movie a cult classic to, from the 90's and beyond.

  3. Kevin Spacey made "The Usual Suspects" a killer flick. This 1995 film had us all wondering who Keyser Soszi was. Definitely one of the best 90's movies of all time.

  4. "Saving Private Ryan" is a man's movie and it is the ultimate war movie of the 90's. 1998 brought about Tom Hanks in numerous roles, and this was one of the two most memorable movies he did at that time.

  5. 1995's "Se7en" is the best thriller of the 90's. This movie showed everyone just how creepy Kevin Spacey could be.

  6. The original "The Matrix" will always be the best. 1999 made Keanu Reeves cool, for a little while. One of the best sci-fi flicks of the 90's.

  7. Johnny Depp as "Ed Wood" was beyond cult classic. Tim Burton is a genius. 1994 showed the world that Ed Wood was the worst film maker ever, but he sure was a funny guy!

  8. "American Beauty" left 1999 film viewers in awe. This best 90's movie gets it's place on this list because of it's edge of your seat craziness. And again, Kevin Spacey is on this 10 best list. He really dominated 90's movies.

  9. "GoodFellas" is by far the best mobster movie of the 90's. It came out in 1990, and made Ray Liotta a household name. It also reminded people why they love both Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro.

  10. "Boyz N' The Hood" made the world of gangsters a household discussion in 1991. This best 90's movie rounds out the list with it's great music and memorable story.

The 90's were full of great movies, so it was difficult to pick the 10 best of that decade, but here they are.