There were a lot of great TV shows in the 80's, so here's a list of the 10 best 80's television shows. New genres of television were introduced in the 1980's, making today's programming more progressive and creative. Here are the 10 best 80's television shows.

  1. "The Cosby Show" Dr. Huxtable was an extremely funny show that broke many stereotypes about black families. The show consisted of an African American family, but when watching the show we never noticed the color of their skin. "The Cosby Show" truly broke through many barriers. No longer did we have to look at African American comedies as being shows like "Sanford and Son" or "The Jeffersons," black people could be college educated and intelligent on television just like real life. White people did not laugh at the show because of racial stereotypes because there were none, we laughed at the show because it was very funny.

  2. "Married With Children" Al Bundy and his family were the funny people we never wanted to be. Although we never wanted to be Al Bundy, we could certainly relate to him on many episodes.

  3. "Roseanne" "Roseanne" first aired on TV in 1988, and left an indelible mark that still exists today. Roseanne was not the butt kissing wife in a world where everything was cheerful and happy. Roseanne lived like most of us do. We laughed and cried with here and the real problems she had that we also had.

  4. "The Wonder Years" "The Wonder Years" also began in 1988, and took us back to a time of innocence. The late 60's was often viewed as a time of hippies and Vietnam, but the Wonder Years also showed us that regular people lived regular lives during that time period.

  5. "Night Court" Judge Harry Stone and his cohorts made us not only laugh out loud, but to talk and laugh more the next day with our co-workers.

  6. "Cheers" "Cheers" rapidly became part of our culture and made us feel like we were actually at the bar with friends. "Cheers" is definitely one of the 10 best 80's television shows.

  7. "Miami Vice" This showed not only rocked the TV world with its vision of how a television show should be made, it also encouraged lots of guys to change their wardrobe. "Miami Vice" rocked the 80's as one of the best television shows.

  8. "Golden Girls" A group of elderly women that made us laugh every time we watched an episode. Estelle Getty and her role as Sophia Petrillo was by far one of the best characters in the 80's on a sitcom.

  9. "Dallas" "Dallas" began in the 70's and finished in the 90's. The entire 80's was filled with J.R. and his clan in the newest weekly drama. "Dallas" successfully brought the day time soap into prime time and turned it into a show even the guys couldn't wait to watch each week.

  10. "A-Team" Mr. T and his cronies combined with the infamous van have burned this show into our heads. The show may seem cheesy by todays standards, but in 1983 when this show first came out, it was groundbreaking.