The 80's had a lot of great TV shows, so here's the 10 best 80's television characters. We used to love these shows in the 80's, but today many of them are considered cheesy. Even though times have changed, some of the characters still hold a place in our hearts. Here are the 10 best 80's television characters.

  1. "Alf" This Alien life form made us laugh every week. Who would of ever thought that a furry alien would become one of the most beloved 80's television characters?

  2. "Arnold Jackson" "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" "Diff'rent Strokes" began its run in the late 70's, but continued to air weekly until 1986. Gary Coleman was very cute and adorable in his role of Arnold Jackson, but it makes you wonder how he turned so weird later in life.

  3. "Balki Bartokomous" We all loved the naive innocence of this new immigrant who came to Chicago to live with his cousin. The show "Perfect Strangers" was a classic sitcom that is often compared to "Threes Company."

  4. "Wood Newton" Burt Reynolds did an excellent job portraying this character in the TV show "Evening Shade." Many of us had rarely seen Burt Reynolds since the Smokey and the Bandit days, so it was quite comical watching the bandit in his role as a football coach in a small town.

  5. "Tony Micelli" The show 'Who's the Boss?" was very appealing to watch. We often wondered about Tony Danza's role of Tony Micelli. Tony Micelli had a daughter, and was a family problem solver.

  6. "Mike Seaver" Mike Seaver from the 80's show Growing Pains is one of the 10 best 80's television characters. We could relate to Mike and often felt like we wished we were living his life.

  7. "Michael Long" David Hasselhoff played this character in the TV show "Knight Rider." Hasselhoff was billed as the star of this show, but in reality most of us watched it for the talking Trans-Am.

  8. "Al Bundy" Al Bundy and the TV show "Married with Children" was introduced to the world in 1987. Al Bundy was different from any other TV character we had ever seen. Al Bundy was the funny guy that white trash America could relate to. Although we loved Al Bundy, we never daydreamed about being Al Bundy.

  9. "Thomas Magnum" Tom Selleck portrayed this private investigator character perfectly. He was adept, yet bumbling at the same time. To this day we still do not fully understand why he lived with a millionaire, but we really don't care.

  10. "MacGyver" MacGyver was a man's man. Every episode had him getting out of a jam with his pocketknife. It is said that sales of Swiss army knives picked up after each episode. We tried to copy what he did, but rarely had the same success.