The 10 best 80's movie soundtracks include music from heavy metal hair band "Poison" all the way to the other end of the spectrum with Simon and Garfunkel. The movies and the music from that era are priceless and are bound to bring up memories. Slow ballads of love to hard rocking bad boys, these top 80's movie soundtrack are classic and will live forever as favorites of days gone by.

  1. "Back to the Future"- This movie stars Michael J. Fox and has an outstanding cast of musical talent, including Huey Lewis and the News performing "The Power of Love" and "Back In Time". The upbeat songs from this 80's movie soundtrack even has classic rock and roll from Marvin Berry and the Starlighters. Generations of music brought together for a fun movie.

  2. "Less Than Zero"- This movie was released in 1987 and hosts a great collection of 80's music including the Bangles singing "A Hazy Shade of Winter" and "Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy. The hard rock band Poison added vocals to the movie with the recording of "Rock and Roll All Nite". While the movie wasn't a blockbuster hit in the big screen, the soundtrack was successful.

  3. "The Big Chill"-  This reunion movie was released to the bog screen in 1983 and immediately had movie and music fans remembering the music of the the 1960's. Aretha Franklin, The Temptations and Marvin Gaye all added to the soundtrack. The middle aged 80's generation related to the movie's storyline while reminiscing about the music of teen years. While the music came from the 1960's, this is one of the 80's movie soundtracks.

  4. "Beverly Hills Cop"-  In 1984, Eddie Murphy played a smart-aleck Detroit police officer with the Pointer Sisters, Glenn Frye and Patti Labelle singing. The upbeat dance music from this movie made not only the movie enjoyable but also was successful in sales.

  5.  "Valley Girl"-  This movie, released in 1983, not only introduced a new language for teenage girls, it also had some of the best 80's movie soundtrack songs. New wave group Modern English performed hit single "I Melt With You" on the soundtrack as well as Bonnie Hayes performing "Girls Like Me". 

  6. "Flashdance"-  In 1983, this music romance filled movie introduced Michael Sembello as he sang his single "Maniac".  Irene Cara, of "Fame" honor, sang the title track "Flashdance- What A Feeling" and created a new phenomenon in the 80's music scene.

  7. "Dirty Dancing"-  This 1987 movie soundtrack brought together some older rock music and new released songs including lead actor Patrick Swayze's "She's Like the Wind" and Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes". Older rock music added to this 80's music soundtrack are The Four Seasons "Big Girls Don't Cry" and The Contours "Do You Love Me". This is one of the best 80's music soundtracks available with a wide variety for every music genre.

  8. "Breakfast Club"- This 1985 teen cult classic movie's top single is "Don't You Forget About Me" performed by Simple Minds. While this was the only hit single from the movie soundtrack, it instantly became a song the teenage generation of the 80's could relate it. It's a signature song for the movie.

  9. "Footloose"- This 1984 movie has one of the best toe-tapping soundtracks to date. From Kenny Loggins hit title track to Shalamar's "Dancing in the Sheets" and the hit power ballad, "Almost Paradise", performed by Loverboy's Mike Reno and Heart's Ann Wilson. This 80's movie soundtrack has hits from cover to cover.

  10. "Purple Rain" - This 1984 movie and soundtrack includes nine hit songs written and performed by 80's pop star Prince. Eight out of the nine singles on the album was a Billboard hit.  Prince hit the high mark when he wrote these songs for this 80's movie soundtrack.