Movies in the 80's were about comedy and teen angst, and these 10 best 80's movie characters are no exception. From an alien to a serial killer, to the girl next door, these 80's movie characters epitomize the 80's in general.

  1. Ducky Dale. Ducky from "Pretty in Pink" played by Jon Cryer was the good guy who didn't get the girl. Unfortunately for him the rich guy ended up being a good guy too.

  2. Freddy Kruger. The villain in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies instilled fear in everyone who watched. This 80's movie character is still known today and feared by many.

  3. Ferris Bueller. The movie that put Matthew Broderick on the map. Ferris and his friends had the best day of their lives as the cut school and made their way through a number of adventures.

  4. Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton is almost unrecognizable as he plays this snarky 80's movie character who pretends to help a couple trying to scare the new owners of their house but he actually has a different agenda.

  5. Ralphie. The little boy from "A Christmas Story" is trying everything he can to get his parents to get him the Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas. The leg lamp that the dad displays in the front window is also a classic movie scene.

  6. Mr. Miyagi. The original "Karate Kid" movie featured this martial artist turned teacher played by Pat Morita. He subtle way of stating the obvious makes this 80's character funny, yet wise.

  7. E.T. Since "E.T." is one of the all time highest grossing movies ever, the character of E.T. deserves some recognition. He was a friendly little alien who learned to speak from watching TV. This character is an iconic 80's character.

  8. Baby Houseman. As the good girl gone bad from "Dirty Dancing." Jennifer Gray hooks up with the 50's version of a bad guy Patrick Swayze. He takes her out of the corner in the end though, and they dance together in front of everyone.

  9. Raymond. Dustin Hoffman was incredible as Raymond in "Rain Man." This 80's character is quirky, yet still likeable. Plus it is fun to watch him make his brother crazy without even trying.

  10. Uncle Buck. John Candy is hilarious in the movie "Uncle Buck." He plays an irresponsible uncle who is left in charge of his brothers kids.