The 10 best 80's cartoon movies may be difficult to remember at first, but when they are remembered, they are thought of as classics. The cartoon movies of the eighties are more than just old cartoon movies, they are feel good memories of the past. To help ease your memory along, below is a list of the ten best cartoon movies of the eighties.

  1. “The Little Mermaid.” “The Little Mermaid” is one of the classic Disney movies. Released in 1989, “The Little Mermaid” is about a mermaid princess named Ariel who is obsessed with humans. Ariel’s father, King Triton, forbids Ariel to have anything to do with human. Then, the evil sea witch, Ursula, tells Ariel she will make her human if she gives up her voice. Ariel takes the deal and becomes human, but Ursula has bigger plans than simply making Ariel human.

  2. “An American Tale.” “An American Tale” is one of the best cartoon movies of the eighties and was released in 1986. This is the tale of a small Russian mouse who is separated from his parents on their way to America.

  3. “The Chipmunk Adventure.” Released in 1987, “The Chipmunk Adventure” is one of the best cartoon movies from the eighties. From television show to the movies, “The Chipmunk Adventure” is fun for all ages. In this movie, the Chipmunks enter a hot air balloon race with the Chipettes as their competitors. Little do they know they are delivering diamonds for a couple of diamond thieves.

  4. “The Secret of NIMH.” Released in 1982, “The Secret of NIMH” is a cartoon movie about a mouse who is moving her family from their home before plowing season. One of her sons becomes seriously ill and she cannot move him. In her search to find a way to fix her problems she is directed to a group of rats called “NIMH,” which stands for National Institute of Mental Health. Little did she know that her late husband was involved with this group who did experiments which made mice and rats more intelligent.

  5. “The Land Before Time.” “The Land Before Time” was released in 1988. A little brontosaurus is orphaned during a great earthquake and he is forced to try and survive on his own. But, he finds four friends of different dinosaur species and they help each other to stay alive and find the Great Valley. “The Land Before Time” is definitely one of the best cartoon movies of the eighties.

  6. “The Last Unicorn.” “The Last Unicorn” is a story about a unicorn who finds out she is the last of her kind. She is accidentally turned into a human by a magician with less than perfect powers. As a human, they end up facing off with an evil king who’s life mission is to rid the world of all its unicorns. This was released in 1982.

  7. “Transformers: The Movie.” “Transformers: The Movie” is another good cartoon movie from the eighties. Released in 1986, the Transformers go from the television to the big screen in their first movie. The Autobots fight to save their home planet while facing off with the Decepticons as well.

  8. “The Care Bears the Movie.” Released in 1985, “The Care Bears the Movie” is one of the ten best cartoon movies from the eighties. The little bears who live in the clouds and take care of the children on earth try to help a couple children who do not trust anyone. So the Care Bears take the children into their home in the clouds and earn their trust.

  9. “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is by far one of the best cartoon movies from the eighties. Released in 1988, this movie mixes animation with real movie actors. Roger Rabbit is accused of murdering a night club owner and contracts the private detective Eddie Valiant to clear his name.

  10. “The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones.” Released in 1987, “The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones” is a good eighties cartoon movie. The ancient, caveman time Flintstones meet the futuristic Jetson family because George Jetsons' son Elroy built a time machine.