The 1970s was a torrid decade politically, which is why the 10 best 70's sitcoms are still remembered, because at the time the shows played a major role in cheering everyone up. There was much to laugh at in the 70's, including people's hairstyles and the fashion sense of groups like The Bee Gees, but for some real kicks people would put on the TV and watch the best 70's sitcoms. Good comedy is timeless, and these sitcoms are as well loved today as they were back then.

  1. "M.A.S.H." Sometimes the funniest shows are the ones that are about the most tragic events, because comedy is a great antidote for pain. This show was set in war torn Korea and successfully captured the futility of war but in a very amusing way which is why it is regarded as the best 70's sitcom. 

  2. "Happy Days." This show launched the acting career of future movie director Ron Howard, but it also introduced the world to the coolest man in history: The Fonz. Henry Winkler may not look like a cool cat today, but the Fonz was the man everyone wanted to be when this show was at its peak. 

  3. "Taxi." This memorable shows was one of the best 70's sitcom thanks to the comic genius of Andy Kauffman. Taxi's are not generally that funny but if you throw in a comic legend with an off beat sense of humor, then anything can be funny. 

  4. "Mork and Mindy." Back when Robin Williams was trying his best to be funny and long before he started only taking on overly sentimental roles, "Mork and Mindy," was a big hit. One of the best shows about aliens and also one of the best 70's sitcoms. 

  5. "The Jefferson." A show has to be funny to have lasted for as long as "The Jefferson's" did. Anyone who happened to miss it can find it on one of the cable TV channels almost any day of the week. George was one of the best TV characters of the decade.  

  6. "The Odd Couple." The fact this show is only sixth on the list shows the strength of the best 70's sitcoms ahead of it. Jack Klugman did his best to put up with the anal Oscar but in the end it was too much and he left this show for "Quincy." 

  7. "Steptoe and Son." The best 70's sitcom to come out of the UK. This show began in the 60's but lasted for years. It was about a grumpy old man and his son who rank a junk yard. 

  8. "Sanford and Son." This show was also about an old man and his son running a junk yard but this was the American version of the English show. It was enough to put you off ever buying anything from a second hand store but is one the best 70's sitcoms. 

  9. "Laverne and Shirley." When this came out, Penny Marshall became a big star and she is fondly remembered for her big hair and equally sized teeth. The best show with all female leads to come out during the decade.

  10. "All in the Family." Some people loved Archie Bunker and others hated, him but either way, this show is rightly regarded as one of the best 70's sitcoms. It was from an era before political correctness that has thankfully gone the way of the Dodo.