This article will highlight the 10 best 70's movies that you should watch. The 1970's, like every decade, left behind blockbuster films of every genre. Check-out this list of the best 70's movies that you will enjoy. 

  1. "The Godfather" (1972). This 1970's crime saga is viewed as one of the best American movies ever made. It's about a Sicilian American war hero who, in spite of rejecting the family business, murders a corrupt police officer in retaliation for an assassination attempt on his father. His actions eventually lead to his being groomed to be the next don.

  2.  "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972). This 70's movie takes place on an ocean liner. It's New Years Eve at sea, and moments after midnight a tidal wave flips the ocean liner upside down. Now, a handful of survivors must make the treacherous journey to the bottom of the ocean liner, as it is their only hope of being rescued.

  3. "The Exorcist" (1973). This 70's film is a supernatural/horror movie. After a young priest is called to a home because of a young girl's odd behavior, he becomes convinced of her being possessed by the devil and in serious need of an exorcism.

  4. "Enter The Dragon" (1973). This is one of the most celebrated kung fu films ever. The story follows a martial arts expert who is determined to bring his own brand of justice to the drug-lord whose gang was responsible for the death of his sister.

  5. "The Towering Inferno" (1974). This is a 70's disaster movie. After an 85th floor fire traps partiers on the 135th floor of the world's tallest building, it's up to the fire chief to find a way to stop the blaze in order to save them in time.

  6. "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" (1977). This is a 70's epic sci-fi adventure. The story follows a group of strangers who are compelled to the same location after having separate close encounters with an alien spacecraft.

  7. "Star Wars" (1977). This 1970's mythological movie has become a legend. It is the tale of a farm boy who sets out to rescue a princess who is being held captive in an outer space warship.

  8. "National Lampoon's Animal House" (1978). This 70's college fraternity comedy is set in 1962. The story follows the rivalries of Delta fraternity; a group of maladjusted undergraduates and the pretentious Omega fraternity.

  9. "Midnight Express" (1978). This movie was based on real events. It is the story of an American who was sentenced to 30 years in a Turkish prison for trying to smuggle drugs, and how he escaped.

  10. "Apocalypse Now" (1979). This is a Vietnam War film. The story follows an Army Captain who is sent into the jungles of Cambodia to kill an AWOL Colonel who has set himself up among the locals as a lethal godhead.


Each one of these 70's movies is available on DVD for your enjoyment.