Next time you go to the video store to rent a movie or log onto your favorite video on demand website, think about renting one of these 10 best 2009 Hollywood movies. 2009 was a whopper of a year for films that kick butt in the action genre as well as the comedy category. And get this – very few, if any, will embarrass you if one of your football buddies walks in on you while you’re watching them.

  1. "Sherlock Holmes." Robert Downey, Jr. dons the hat and cloak of the perpetually five o’clock shadowed Sherlock Holmes in one of the best 2009 Hollywood movies of the year. His sidekick, the not-so-elementary Watson played by Jude Law, is ever-present to save his tail while he dares to take on the demonic Lord Blackwood.

  2. "The Hangover." 2009 was definitely Robert Downey, Jr.’s year, as The Hangover helped fans of Drillbit Taylor and Superbad remain decisively immature while making it look acceptable. And it’s a movie that just goes to show you that what happens in Vegas doesn’t ever really stay there.

  3. "The Blind Side." Sandra Bullock redeems herself from all those other duds in one of the best 2009 Hollywood movies. Just pray you don’t marry a woman who wears the pants and the spurs like poor Tim McGraw did in the film.

  4. "Inglourious Basterds." Parts of "Inglourious Basterds" give you an excuse to watch a hack-‘em-to-bits thriller while mixing in a little humor, thanks to Brad Pitt’s butchered Southern accent. This movie alone is enough to teach Germans to never mess around with the Jews again.

  5. "Hurt Locker." In a film that was almost more of an action documentary than a movie, Jeremy Renner puts on the suit of the big guy – and we’re not talking Santa Claus. Renner and his crew toil through blistering heat in the Middle East with the goal of dismantling bombs just seconds before explosion.

  6. "Pink Panther 2." The best Bollywood actress meets one of the best 2009 Hollywood movies in history. Of course, we’re talking about Aishwarya Rai. Her crystal blue eyes and olive skin are almost enough to tempt Jacques Clouseau away from his cherished Nicole until she is outed as a murderer and thief.

  7. "Fast & Furious." Not to be mistaken with its original, "The Fast and the Furious," "Fast & Furious" reboots the high-octane series with one dead Letty and one ticked off Dominic Toretto. This time the most notorious street racer in Hollywood history is back at it – but for a vengeful cause.

  8. "Terminator Salvation." If you were expecting another Arnold Schwarzenegger remake, you’re sadly mistaken. "Terminator Salvation" is more like "Serenity"  or "The Matrix" with its dusty, moon-like terrain and almost archaic costuming. The action, though, makes it one of the best 2009 Hollywood movies.

  9. "XMen Origins: Wolverine." Hugh Jackman is his own prequel in the fourth (or is it the first?) XMen installment. We find out that he and Sabertooth are actually half brothers. But one is just a hair more evil than the other. And here’s a hint: it’s not Jackman.

  10. "GI Joe: Rise of Cobra." If you were expecting a serious plotline, you might be disappointed - until you see the two leading ladies doing their thing in skimpy tanks and skintight leather. There’s plenty of explosions to go around – and quite a bit of humor to boot – enough so that this action flick is almost an action-comedy, if for no other reason than the over-the-top sci-fi weaponry and nearly unbelievable stunts.