The 10 best 2009 DVD movie releases like every year were packed with blockbusters. On the average, DVD rental chains release at least three new movies per week. Each week can be a tough choice, and sometimes you might have to take chances, since some movies aren't prompted as heavily as others. This is a list of the ten best DVD movie releases of 2009.

  1. "RocknRolla" - This DVD released on January 27th, and the movie was number one at the box office its first week of release. All of London's criminal underworld wants a piece of a Russian mobster's multi-million dollar crooked land deal; and why not, since it's up for grabs? This crime/comedy DVD has lots of action, twists, humor and back-stabbing.

  2. "Changeling" - This true story was nominated for three Academy awards, and the DVD was released on February 17th. A mother's prayers are answered when her kidnapped son is returned home. The twist is, the authorities are forcing a boy on the mother that is not hers to cover their own hides.

  3. "Slumdog Millionaire" - It has been called the feel-good movie of the decade. The DVD released on March 31st. The movie won a total of nineteen awards, including a record eight Academy award wins. The story is about an impoverished Indian teen who becomes a winning contestant on a question and answer game show; but how did this uneducated kid know the answers to all of the questions?

  4. "The Day The Earth Stood Still"  - This movie took the number spot its opening weekend. The DVD was released on April 7th. A scientist must convince an alien sent to earth to destroy all of mankind that humans are worth saving, but she may be too late, the process has already begun.

  5. "taken" - This movie grossed $9,000,000 on Super bowl weekend, the most ever. The DVD released on May 12th. After his daughter in taken while on the phone with him, a former spy comes out of retirement and uses his old skills to track down and kill his daughter's kidnappers.

  6. "Gran Torino" - The American Film Institute called it one of the ten best films of 2008, the DVD was released on June 9th. A Korean war veteran stuck in his old ways comes to know his Hmong neighbors like he never thought he would. Before long, the war veteran sacrifices himself to save the young life of one of his new friends.

  7. "Knowing" - This DVD was released on July 7th, the movie was number at the box office its opening weekend. After a 50 year old time capsule is dug up, and a teacher realizes that inside of it are predictions of very serious events of our times. Some have already happened, others are yet to come.

  8. "The Soloist" - The true story of an L.A. journalist who stumbles across and helps a homeless schizophrenic brilliant musician who was once enrolled at Julliard. The DVD was released on August 4th.

  9. "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" - Peace can no longer be, and the battle of the universe has begun between the Decepticons and the Autobots. The teenage friend of the Autobots has his hands full as he tries to prevent the all-out-war that might claim his friends the Earth. This DVD was released on October 20th.

  10. "Star Trek" - This movie was nominated for numerous awards, including one Grammy. The story takes you to the beginning, when a young delinquent James T. Kirk and the young Spock, who was raised in a logic-based society are recruited into the star fleet. The DVD was released on November 7th.