Although a lot of the genre is poorly thought-out, quickly made junk, there are enough awesome teen movies to crank out 10 awesome teen movies lists. Our picks were chosen for being well-written and acted and having character dilemmas that go (in almost all cases) beyond "I'm a sixteen-year-old virgin."

  1. "The Breakfast Club" Five stereotypes enter Saturday detention, five complex people leave. This awesome teen movie addresses the battles each kid faces and how they are each more alike than not.

  2. "10 Things I Hate About You" Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" gets a modern remake in this awesome teen movie. Heath Ledger is especially entertaining as a new kid in school who helps the object of his affection relax and learn to trust a bit.

  3. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" The adaptation of the fifth Harry Potter book has the protagonists facing increasingly adult battles. This awesome teen movie shows that the beloved characters are up to the task.

  4. "Hackers" Not only does this awesome teen movie treat you to a teenage Angelina Jolie in all her full-lipped glory, it contains some awesomely nerdy computer drama. We'll ignore the fact that most of the pranks the teenage hackers pull hadn't been possible for several years before the movie was even made.

  5. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" Perhaps the most awesome example of awesome teen movies. Bill and Ted are simple, laid-back sorts who become inadvertent heroes when they are called upon to save the universe.

  6. "Idle Hands" Who says demonic possession can't be fun? The platitude that says that idle hands become the devil's playthings becomes literally true in this awesome teen movie about a kid whose hands take on a demonic life of their own.

  7. "Mean Girls" Remember when Lindsay Lohan was considered a talented and promising actress? Yeah, neither does she, but, in her case, it's probably due to all those three martini breakfasts. "Mean Girls" is a funny and daring look at what can happen when high school bullying gets out of hand.

  8. "The Lost Boys" The teenage vampires who live in an abandoned underground hotel couldn't be cooler - you know, except for that whole killing people to drink their blood thing. This awesome teen movie is the first and best made by "The Coreys" and remains a favorite for passing an afternoon.

  9. "Sixteen Candles" No one captured the awkwardness of the teenage years quite like John Hughes. In this awesome teen movie, Molly Ringwald stars as a younger sibling whose birthday is forgotten in the whirl of activity leading up to her older sister's wedding.

  10. "Weird Science" For once, the geeky kids come out on top when they use their Dr. Frankenstein experiments to make the perfect woman. She's more than just a sex object, and becomes a mentor to her awkward creators.