Finding 10 awesome movies of 2008 isn’t all that tough, as the year itself really was a great one for movies. There were laugh out loud comedies, impactful dramas, and a few that planted themselves somewhere in between. The following awesome movies from 2008, if nothing else, prove that you don’t have to wind the clock that far back for great films.

  1. “Valkyrie” Tom Cruise gives an excellent performance as a disillusioned Nazi officer with a clever plan to bring down the entire Third Reich in this movie. The real kicker is that it’s a manipulation of the operation designed to ensure Germany’s preservation in a worst case scenario. What’s more, the entire surprising plot is based on a true, if little known, story.

  2. “Slumdog Millionaire” As India’s global influence has recently risen, so has its relevance in the entertainment industry. This great 2008 movie is its crowning achievement in the West so far, as it tells the captivating story of a young man who overcomes many difficult situations to be repaid-literally-in the end.

  3. “The Wrestler” Mickey Rourke basically came out of nowhere to deliver the most earnest and convincing performance in any awesome movie of 2008. He’s a has-been professional wrestler who’s down on his luck, but keeps an almost sacred passion for his sport throughout.

  4. “Frost/Nixon” Richard Nixon, as anyone who lived through his presidency knows, was a very shady, kind of weird guy. “Frost/Nixon,” the 2008 movie loosely based on a series of interviews in which Nixon basically confirmed his involvement in the Watergate Scandal, is a rousing confirmation of the historical figure’s out of touch nature.

  5. “Religulous” Even though it’s a documentary, Bill Mahr’s “Religulous” is easily one of the most awesome movies of 2008. His matter of fact tone regarding the ridiculous nature of religion is hilarious from beginning to end.

  6. “Pineapple Express” The stoner buddy flick has been around ever since Cheech and Chong were toking together in the late 1970’s. Almost forty years later, the genre reached its pinnacle with this awesome movie. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s chemistry is so great that they could easily pass for best friends in real life.

  7. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” There are two main reasons why this 2008 movie is awesome. First, the special effects show Brad Pitt aging in reverse spectacularly. Second, the story itself was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of America’s greatest writers. Enough said.

  8. “Wall-E” Though it’s technically a Disney movie, “Wall-E” is great for viewers of any age. The film is visually arresting, thought provoking, and produces some genuinely moving moments-even without any dialogue in the first half.

  9. “Milk” Starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk (the first openly gay politician to be elected to office in California), this great movie of 2008 features truly dazzling acting and an emotionally powerful storyline. All around, it’s a production of a very high caliber.

  10. “The Dark Night” Speaking of high caliber productions, a list of awesome movies from 2008 simply isn’t complete without “The Dark Knight.” Writer and director turned the superhero’s story into a sprawling epic, complete with one of the most chilling acting performances of that year from Heath Ledger. If the movie could be summed up in one word, it would be “gigantic.”