If you’re a film buff with an eye for detail, you’ve probably already noticed these 10 awesome movie mistakes. Even after months of scrutiny by the crew, movies sometimes contain mistakes when they hit theaters. Some of these movie errors are subtle and some are obvious, but they’re all awesome.

  1. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” - Crew Member On Deck. With Johnny Depp in the lead role, this 2003 pirate movie was a major success, but it didn’t take audiences long to spot the film’s most awesome mistake. During a scene on the ship’s deck, a film crew member can clearly be seen wearing a cowboy hat and standing in the background.

  2. “Commando” - Regenerating Porsche. Arnold Schwarzenegger did plenty of ass-kicking in this 1985 action flick, but his talent for auto repair was even more impressive. There’s an awesome movie mistake in this film that features a yellow Porsche. Arnold destroys the left side of the car as he chases down the bad guy, then he drives it away afterward and the car is completely repaired.

  3. “American Pie” - Chameleon Cup. In 1999, the movie “American Pie" breathed new life into the coming-of-age genre. Its popularity didn’t make it immune to awesome movie mistakes, however. Within the camera angles of a conversational scene between Seann William Scott and another actress, a cup of beer changes from clear, to blue, back to clear again.

  4. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” - Clumsy Storm Trooper. As the geekiest entry of the ten awesome movie mistakes, nerds everywhere rejoiced with this film’s release in 1977. This movie’s most famous mistake comes during a scene on the Death Star, when a Storm Trooper bangs his head on a low door while entering a room.

  5. “Gladiator” - Visible Tank. Behind-the-scenes special effects are crucial to any film, but when the crew’s props erroneously make it into the shot, that results in an awesome movie mistake. Ridley Scott’s 2000 historical epic suffered this very fate in a scene at the Roman Colosseum. After a chariot flips over, a gas cylinder is clearly visible inside.

  6. “The Matrix” - Reflection. Keanu Reeves himself probably said, “Woah” when he saw this awesome movie mistake in his 1999 film. During an interrogation scene, Reeves backs into a corner. In the next shot, you can see Reeves’ reflection in Agent Smith’s glasses, and Reeves is sitting down in a chair.

  7. “Ocean’s Eleven” - Switching Food. Brad Pitt’s character always seemed to be eating in this 2001 film, which made an ideal situation for an awesome movie mistake. In a conversation scene between Pitt and Matt Damon, Pitt’s food prop changes from a cocktail glass, to a plate, back to a cocktail glass.

  8. “Terminator II: Judgment Day” - Self-Repairing Glass. James Cameron’s 1991 sci-fi epic captivated audiences across the globe, but it wasn’t immune to awesome movie mistakes. In one scene, the evil T-1000 robot punches its way through the glass of a helicopter, then a few seconds later, the glass is repaired.

  9. “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” - Where Are We? Maybe the producers of this 2005 film figured that audiences would be too busy watching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to catch any awesome movie mistakes. If you’ve got a keen eye during one scene, you can see a street sign depicting Los Angeles. The movie is set in New York.

  10. “Teen Wolf” - Extra Exposure. In the most infamous of the ten awesome movie mistakes, a random dude pulls off the prank of the century. In one of the final shots in this 1985 film, a male extra in the background unzips his pants for a few seconds, acting innocent all the while.