When a movie totally blows but you can't stop thinking about the performance, you've likely been entranced by one of the 10 awesome movie characters listed below. Truly great actors become the character they are playing. Here are a few characters that always left us wanting more.

  1. Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp took this part and ran with it. All the way to the bank. Several times. He made this character in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series hysterically funny, and yet completely believable when things turned serious.

  2. James Bond Through a handful of actors and movie after movie, nobody ever got tired of James Bond, 007. The franchise was getting old and tired when Daniel Craig was cast, and he revolutionized the role, taking the character back to its roots.

  3. Indiana Jones Harrison Ford locked that role up like nobody's business. Anybody else in that role is unimaginable. His age doesn't even seem to matter. Just let the man crack a whip, and time stands still.

  4. Forrest Gump Tom Hanks made sure everybody understood that 'stupid is as stupid does'. Forrest didn't have much in the way of brains, but he sure had a lot of wisdom and heart. Nobody who ever saw that movie forgot this one awesome character. "RUN FORREST, RUN!!"

  5. Harry Potter A boy whose time had come, Harry put the magic back in everybody's world - first on the literary front, then in movies. Moviegoers watched the boy grow into a man over the course of the films.

  6. Scarlett O'Hara  Some awesome movie characters have to be put into perspective, and Scarlett is one of them. Back when the movie, "Gone With The Wind" was made, in 1939, a woman's place was in the home. There weren't even options. She barely got to be in the workplace at all until WW II. It just wasn't done. But there's Scarlett, scheming and conniving with the best of them. She saved her family from starvation, and as God was her witness, made sure none of them would ever go hungry again.

  7. Hannibal Lector  Anthony Perkins crafted the single most cunning, fearsome serial killer ever seen in movies in "Silence of the Lambs". The fact that he's in captivity the entire time, and Clarice (Jody Foster) is never in any danger whatsoever speaks to the incredible acting ability of Sir Perkins.

  8. Darth Vader The line heard round the world that nobody has ever forgotten. "Luke I am your father." Between the mask, the flowing cloak and the voice, "Star Wars'"Darth was unforgettable, and that's why he's on every top 10 most awesome movie character ever list to be found.

  9. Vito Corleone Every bit of  amazing work Marlon Brando did in his entire life paled in comparison to his role in "The Godfather" as the Godfather. A Sicilian immigrant who fought and clawed his way up from nothing, Vito was mesmerizing in every scene he played.

  10. Agent Smith Hugo Weaver made audiences shiver just by hissing "Mr. Anderson" at Neo in "The Martrix". He could body jump into whoever he needed to, and then morph back to his own appearance. He was so bland as to appear invisible, but he stole every scene he was in. He was the face of the Matrix, vs Neo being our representative.