10 Awesome Acting Performances By Former Football Players

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John Matuszak – The Goonies

I had never heard of John Matuszak the football player before, but I had heard of Sloth, so he makes the cut. It’s not surprising that Matuszak wasn’t well-known despite being a first-round pick. He spent his career abusing painkillers and narcotics, ending his NFL journey with a whimper in 1982.

However, that just set the stage for his greatest accomplishment, his portrayal of Sloth in the 1985 action-comedy The Goonies. No. Matuszak doesn’t look anything like Sloth, which is disappointing for some reason.

Carl Weathers – Arrested Development

Carl Weathers played football under John Madden for the Oakland Raiders in 1970 and 1971. He played (plays?) a fictionalized version of himself on the amazing show Arrested Development, where he often reminds Tobias Funke that he got himself a stew goin’.

O.J. Simpson – The Naked Gun

After playing for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco Giants, O.J. Simpson briefly took up acting in the 1980’s and 90’s, before stepping away from the spotlight to focus on his true passion: killing people with a knife.

During his largely lackluster stints as an actor, he made an impression on many filmgoers as Nordberg, the cop who is constantly getting injured through misfortune and botched police work. It would be remiss to not at least entertain the notion that Leslie Nielsen contributed to the Brentwood killings by putting O.J.’s character through so much grief.

Bob Golic – Saved by the Bell: The College Years

When I was a freshman in college, I dreamt of having an RA like Bob Golic. Barrell chested, mullet, constantly matching denim shirts with jeans….

Unfortunately, I ended up with a chubby Christian girl as my RA, which pretty much ruined my college experience from the get go. Bob Golic was one of only many wonderful aspects of SBTB:TCY, but by shining so bright, he set the bar impossibly high for my own college experience a few years later.

God damn you, Bob Golic.

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