You’ll be grabbing more than your remote when you watch these ten amazing sex scenes. These ten amazing sex scenes pushed the limits of nudity, passion and naughtiness and will give you ideas for your next midnight romp.

  1. “9 1/2 Week” (1981). This movie makes our list of ten amazing sex scenes because of it’s steamy combination of food and the thrill of anonymous sex. As hot as this movie is it sometimes makes us a little sad because it forces us to remember how bad Mickey Rourke messed up his face, but remembering how stunning Kim Bassinger is both then and now does help to take the pain away.

  2. “Crash” (1996). There are so many hot sex scenes in this movie, it was difficult to pick just one to make our list of ten amazing sex scenes. The scene where Holly Hunter and James Spader tear each others clothes off as they talk about their affairs, and get it on in their car and the group groping session that turns into a orgy are worthy additions to this list of ten amazing sex scenes.

  3. “Original Sin” (2000). It goes without saying that any sex scene that features Angelina Jolie gets an automatic nomination for the list of ten amazing sex scenes. Her hot and steamy sex scene with Antonio Bandaras in an bath tub sets the screen on fire.

  4. “Monsters Ball” (2001). The sadness of this film hits a naughty high note with this gritty sex scene. Where a some sex scenes focus on the romance or passion, this entry on the list ten amazing sex scenes puts the focus on the desire for human contact. It’s rough, dirty and all about relieving tension through sex. Featuring the beautiful Halle Berry and showing a excellent shag is why it makes the list of ten amazing sex scenes.

  5. “Body Heat”(1981). Seeing Willem DeFoe bust down those French doors to ravage a young and lush Kathleen Turner put this on our list of ten amazing sex scenes. The passion in this scene is palpable and it makes us happy in our naughty place.

  6. “Secretary” (2002). Reigniting our naughty secretary fantasy is why this is on the list of ten amazing sex scenes. Few things are as hot as Maggie Gyllenhaal on her knees in front of James Spader and getting a sexy spanking.

  7. “Wild Things” (1998). Neve Campbell and Denise Richards wet and naked making out in a pool. We shouldn’t have to explain why this makes our list of ten amazing sex scenes. This movie along with ample amounts of porn has helped to fuel the girl on girl fantasies of men all over the world.

  8. “A History of Violence” (2005). The best way to start a movie is the bring out the sexy straight away. The movie opens with Maria Bello in a cheerleading outfit in a "69" with Viggo Mortensen. If that isn’t a worthy addition to the list of ten amazing sex scenes we don’t know what is.

  9. “The Antichrist” (2009). The sex in this film is so graphic we’re it's almost porn. The opening scene where Willem DeFoe and Charolette Gainsbourg are shagging in the shower is just a hairs breath for being full in porn. Working in male and female full frontal nudity along with some sideways penetration shots is why this movie made the list of ten amazing  sex scenes.

  10. “Coming  Home” (1978). At first glance you may not think that an anti-war film would  be a good candidate for a spot on the list of ten amazing sex scenes; what makes this movie worthy of being on our list of ten amazing sex scenes is Jon Voight helping Jane Fonda achieve her first orgasm with is oral prowess.