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Wednesday, August 10 by Mishka Bulldozer

1 Minute Monologues dr.evil 1 Minute Monologues

If you wondering what made Dr. Evil the man he is, this is one of the best 1 minute monologues that will help explain! He recounts his tragic childhood to a therapy session to the shock and awe of the audience, making it a funny way to break into acting. If you're looking for funny 1 minute monologues that are easy to learn, don't pass this one up.

Robert Shaw's Shark Tale From "Jaws."

Robert Shaw 1 Minute Monologues

In one of the creepiest moments from the film, the Shaw's character recounts an early encounter with a shark, making one of the finest 1 minute monologues ever on film. The language is crisp and concise, with vivid imagery that just barely borders on obscene. The subtly and grace with which the lines were carried makes it a perfect piece for anybody.

George C. Scott As Patton From "Patton."

George C. Scott 1 Minute Monologues

In one of the greatest movie scenes of all time, George C. Scott stands in front of an American flag and gives one of the best monologues in cinematic history. His voice hits like artillery as he gives a speech about slaughtering the enemy that would make Churchill weep. If you're looking to impress, find a costume and give one of the best 1 minute monologues ever written.

The Rules Of Fight Club From "Fight Club."

Fight Club 1 Minute Monologues

This is one of the best 1 minute monologues because it doesn't mess around with frills and does everything it has to. What it has to do, on that note, is demean the audience as much as possible while turning them into pugilists. If that is indeed your goal, then be sure to memorize this great among the many 1 minute monologues out there.

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