At a lavishly appointed press event in Shanghai, movie star Jackie Chan and the highly successful Chinese film studio Huayi Brothers announced the next two projects to come from the pair's profitable collaboration.

The first upcoming Jackie Chan vehicle is tentatively titled Manhattan. Set in New York, it will star Jackie Chan as a Jackie-Chan-like character who “converses with love and hate." The second is called Wolf Flag, and will star Jackie Chan in what Huayi Brothers describes as a “mournful ode concealed in the stricken desert.”

Aside from these brief snippets, we won't know much else about these future Jackie Chan projects until they begin filming. Will they be keeping with Jackie Chan's recent pledge to be "a true actor"? Will they feature blooper reels with Jackie Chan flubbing dangerous stunts and then grinning into the camera? Will they be popular enough to get eventual North American theatrical releases? Perhaps only Jackie Chan can tell.

Jackie Chan.