When discussing the best Wild West movies, one has to take into account that there were a couple of actors that really fit into the role of star of the Wild West movies and that any western movie they were in was probably going to be up for consideration. Clint Eastwood was one of those that made all the Wild West movies he appeared in that much better while John Wayne was another actor who had quite a few truly great Wild West movies under his belt. Without further ado, here is our list of the best of the best Wild West movies.

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - This is widely considered the king of the Wild West Movies. Starring Clint Eastwood, this flick offered a little bit of everything from comedy to drama to good old fashioned Wild West movies shootouts.

"Shane" - "Shane" is considered one of the best Wild West movies because it includes a little bit of everything.  This particular movie also included a theme that was well known in westerns, that of a drifter who comes into town and saves the local family from danger.

"The Magnificent Seven" - "The Magnificent Seven" is considered one of the truly classic Wild West movies because the story is great and the cast is star studded. The movie is actually based on the Japanese tale, "The Seven Samurai" though it is masterfully transferred over to a western motif.

"Stage Coach" - This movie is where John Wayne was really elevated to stardom. "Stage Coach" is also widely credited as one of the Wild West movies that really made the genre popular on a large scale.

"True Grit" - The original starring John Wayne was already considered a classic. The remake, released in 2010, actually made the story a little better. The plot of both revolves around a young girl hiring a Federal Marshall to track down a killer.

"Unforgiven" - This film marked the return of Clint Eastwood to western movies. This fantastic flick also featured Gene Hackman as an evil sheriff and Morgan Freeman as Eastwood's side kick.

"The Outlaw Josey Wales" - Another Eastwood film and one of the most well known in his collection. The story centers around Josey Wales turning from law abiding farmer to outlaw after his home is burned down and his family is murdered.  This is another theme that runs through several Wild West movies.

"Rio Grande" - Another John Wayne flick, this one is set like so many others just after the Civil War. Wayne's character is teaching young Union soldiers to deal with Apache Indians and Wayne ends up realizing what he is doing might not be best for all involved.

-Oliver VanDervoort