These top ten Western movies span over four decades. They tell the stories of the different facets on the American West.

  1. "Unforgiven." One of the most acclaimed Western movies, Clint Eastwood pick up this scrip and made it a hit. It won the Best Picture and four other Academy Awards. 

  2. "Tombstone." This flim stars Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott. The story line isn’t like the plot of other Western movies as it tells the story of a lawman who goes to Tombstone to retire only to meet up with the outlaws he spent a lifetime apprehending.

  3. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." This Oscar winning film stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy and his sidekick who start out robbing trains and eventually take on the Bolivian army.

  4. "3:10 to Yuma." Russell Crowe stars in this film about a rancher who takes charge over an outlaw waiting for the train to Yuma to stand trial. This is one of the few Western movies that relies more on character development than shootouts.

  5. "True Grit." Out of all of his Western movies this is the only one that John Wayne won an Oscar for. The more modern version with Jeff Bridges is a great update of this story about a U.S. Marshal who helps a woman track down the person who murderered her father.

  6. "Blazing Saddles." This film is certainly not typical of Western movies. Mel Brooks makes the West ridiculous but hilarious in this story of a Western town with a black sheriff.

  7. "Dances with Wolves." This film won 7 Oscars including Best Picture. Kevin Costner stars in this epic Western of a soldier who is sent to an remote post and ends up being shunned for his appreciation of the Indians and wolves that he befriends.

  8. "The Magnificent Seven." The big names star in this film including Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and James Coburn. A Mexican community hires gunfighters to protect them from bandits.  

  9. "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly." This is a classic among Western movies. Clint Eastwood is a bounty hunting scam who allies with two men to find gol buried in a cemetery.  

  10. "Legends of the Fall." This is the epic story of a family of a father and three sons who live in the remote wilderness but are nonetheless affected by war, love and life. The all-star cast includes Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn.