Though the era of the western has long passed us by, there are plenty of modern western movies for guys to watch and love. Since westerns often take on issues of honor, toughness, redemption and revenge in a bloody fashion, they are perfect for a male audience. Here they are, some perfect modern western movies for guys to watch and enjoy.

  1. "The Proposition" - This western set in Australia's Outback, the tale of a brother sent to hunt down his outlaw family, is one of the bloodiest, most intense films ever made in any genre. It belongs on any list of modern western movies for guys, but it's highly recommended not to watch this one on a date, as the violent confrontations between the outlaw family and the law, not to mention aborigines in the Outback, are among the most graphic ever shown on screen.

  2. "Unforgiven" - Clint Eastwood's revisionist tale of an aging killer is the definitive modern western, bringing the idealized world of westerns past into the bloody, dark context of modern film. Eastwood plays William Munny, a killer who comes out of retirement to collect the bounty on a young man who mutilated a small-town prostitute. Gene Hackman's Sheriff, Little Bill, has other ideas. Its characters are tough and believable, making it a great modern western for guys.

  3. "Tombstone" - The better of two films about Wyatt Earp released in the 1990s has Kurt Russell as Earp and Val Kilmer in a wonderful performance as the dying gunslinger Doc Holliday. While many films about Earp conclude with the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, this one goes beyond, chronicling the Earp vengeance ride that brought the cowboy gang down one dead outlaw at a time. This is a tough, two-fisted, bloody film about right and wrong and revenge, a great modern western for guys to watch.

  4. "True Grit" - A remake of one of the final classics of the original heyday of westerns, this new one has Jeff Bridges as grizzled marshal Rooster Cogburn, taking a role made famous by John Wayne and making it his own. Cogburn is hired by teenage girl Mattie Ross to hunt down Tom Chaney, the coward who killed her father. They're joined by Matt Damon's Texas Ranger, hunting Chaney for his own reasons. It's an excellent western movie for guys, filled with memorable tough guy quotes to break out at opportune times.

  5. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" - The true-to-life (with a little poetic license) tale of the death of one of America's most infamous outlaws closes out our list of modern western movies for guys. It explores what it truly was to be a man in the old west, and what happens to someone who breaks that code, as Ford gets in good with James following a successful train robbery, even as James begins to suspect disloyalty from the other members of his gang, then betrays him at the conclusion.