The best B movie westerns are categorized as classics by many movie buffs. They are part of the Golden age of film. Back when the girl was helped by a guy that was good and everyone knew where they belonged. Ah the memories that these goodies evoke. Here are some of the best B western movies from that time.

  1. "Santa Fe Stampede" is  one of the best B movie Westerns that many don't even know about. It is from 1928 during the Golden Age of Westerns. It stars Max Terhune as the B actor that makes the whole thing come together in a cohesive play on the old Southwest. Of course none of this is based on anything that is actually real but it is fun to watch what Hollywood thought the Southwest was about.

  2. George Hayes played in "The Lawless Frontier" as the side-kick "Dusty". This is really one of the best B western movies in history. It is known by the Western Buff but not necessarily the general public. This is one of those classic best B movie westerns that makes you remember the way Hollywood thought the Southwest was.

  3. The next is "Jesse James at Bay". It shows Pierre Watkin as the supporting role that helps make the whole movie work. It's a bout a train heist gone wrong. Jesse James is always a popular subject of course. That just makes it even better to movie buffs.

  4. "When the Daltons Ride" is a gun slinger movie. It is the only gun slinger movie from the list of the best B movie westerns. Stu Erwin makes this movie work as he carries out his goal through this Southwest gem.

  5. The last of the best B movie Westerns to share is called "Hidden Valley". It has Bob Steele as the man that goes on a quest to find some Indians. It is good old fashioned entertainment from the Western days. It is a B movie of course but it is also very good.