War of 1812 movies showcase the drama and toll of the conflict between the United States of America and the British Empire. Movies about the War of 1812 dramatizes the main persons involved as well as characters that live amongst the battles across their homeland. The War of 1812 was the culmination of trade restrictions and expansion for these great nations and these movies try to display the explosive impact of such tensions. Any war movie makes an effort to show how both sides of the events during 1812 that led to the war and possibly its aftermath years later. War of 1812 movies are time capsules that help audiences understand and witness the period while a budding nation and an empire fight for supremacy.

  1. "The Buccaneer". Anthony Quinn directed an all star cast with a lavish production set during the War of 1812. General Andrew Jackson becomes aware that a fleet of British ships carrying 16,000 troops will overcome his mere 1,200 in defense of New Orleans. A strong-willed buccaneer, Jean Lafitte, living in a nearby island must choose a side as a tremendous battle looms in the horizon. 

  2. "Th Fighting Kentuckian". John Wayne starred in this Western romance movie shortly after the War of 1812. French exiles have left their native land after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. The daughter of one of the generals meets with an experienced rifleman of an American regiment as the two fall in love amidst the backdrop of the Alabama frontier.

  3. "Mutiny". A British ship captained by John Marshall organizes a blockade to retrieve a large sum of French gold during the War of 1812. His first mate's crew learns of the valuable cargo and begins to plot a mutiny in order to possess it. The plot thickens when the first mate's former lady joins the crew and lusts for the gold herself.