When looking to show off the emotional side of a man, there is no need for chick flicks when there are the top 10 best war movies that make men cry.  These war movies bring the utter destruction, shock and awe of any regular war movie but also have the emotional side to rip you on topics such friendship, love and tragedy. 

  1. “Casablanca” The classic award-winning war movie can make any man cry as it grips at what one is willing to do for love.  Rick is an American who runs a club in Casablanca where many people come to try and flee from the Nazi’s to America.  Rick shows great bravado throughout the movie but also shows his passion for his true love as he risks everything for her.   

  2. “Hurt Locker” The awarding-winning, “Hurt Locker,” brings the Iraq War right into your living room.  This, alone, can be crushing to anyone who has lost someone in the Iraq War besides the fact that the movie is tear-jerking as it is.  This movie also brings forth many feelings that Iraqi War veterans have when returning home and attempting to cope with what happened in the desert.

  3. “Schindler’s List” This list of war movies that make men cry would be nothing without the epitome of holocaust movies, “Schindler’s List.”  We are reminded of the Talmudic quotation prominently displayed in the movie that “whoever saves one life saves the world entire."  This is the belief of Schindler as he strives to save whomever he can from the holocaust.  The ending is moving and worth watching the entire film over and over again. 

  4. “To Live” This little-known foreign film follows a family as they grow and change throughout the history of modern China and the many wars within it.  Despite the need for subtitles, this movie makes men cry, by tying in the connections that men have with their family.  One of the most tragic moments in the film involves the loss of their family’s most prized family heirlooms.

  5. “Pearl Harbor” This movie follows the events of, you guessed it, Pearl Harbor as one man, McCawley, tries to handle the attacks from the Japanese, the upcoming war and the love of his life. 

  6. “Hotel Rwanda” If looking for a war movie that will make men cry and teaches a valuable lesson about modern genocide, look no further.  “Hotel Rwanda” paints a picture of the Rwandan genocide that hits people easily with the realization that these events did not happen that long ago.  The genocide is gruesomely portrayed and will leave memories for a long time. 

  7. “Letters from Iwo Jima” This war movie follows the events of Iwo Jima from the unique perspective of the Japanese soldiers on the island.  The whole movie can easily bring tears to anyone’s eyes as you realize not many of these friends and allies will survive this battle. 

  8. “Band of Brothers” This mini-series portrays World War II in amazing detail to tell a story that is based off of true events.  The tragedy is the fact that these stories are true and the death and destruction actually did happen.  The most tragic episode is when the troops find their first concentration camp.

  9. “Saving Private Ryan” With all the action and the great acting of Tom Hanks, this film brings together the tragedy of friendships built and lost during World War II.

  10. V for Vendetta” Amidst all the violence, V provides a touching lesson that can make men cry easily.  When V makes his final attack on the government, it is an emotional realization that everyone who died would finally have their idea and V’s idea fulfilled.