For war films, 2008 had only a handful to choose from. But, one of those ended up being not only the best of the war films but the best film of the year. These war films of 2008 show the different sides of war. 

  1. "The Hurt Locker". Out of the war films produced in 2008, this one is undoubtedly the best. The Iraq War drama "The Hurt Locker" won best picture and best director, along with four other Oscars. It is the story of Staff Sgt. James, played by Jeremy Renner, a bomb disarming specialist.  

  2. "Valkyrie". Tom Cruise stars as Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, who was a German officer at the center of a plot to assassinate Hitler. Although the coup failed, the suspense leading up to the attempt is worth a look at. It is interesting among war films as it shows the war from inside the German ranks.

  3. "A Woman in Berlin". The is the story of the plight of women in Berlin during World War II. Nina Hoss is the main character who finds a way to survive by her wits. This is a one of the brutal but powerful war films about World War II, although this could not have been made when the book first came out in 1959.

  4. "Defiance". Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber give charismatic performances in this story about two Jewish brothers who built a village in the forest for 1000 Jews when the Nazis occupied Eastern Europe. The film has gotten mixed reviews, with some criticism saying that it did not deal with the bigger issues of the time as more war films do, but focused more on personal relationships.

  5. "Miracle at St. Anna". This is one of the few war films about black soldiers. This film is set in 1944 in Italy.  The four soldiers get trapped in a village in Tuscany. Although there are mixed reviews, almost all critics agree it was a story worth telling.