Trojan war movies dramatize the battles between the people of Troy against the Achaeans and the legendary myths that came from their conflict. Movies have long portrayed the famous Paris of Troy abducting Helen from her husband, Menelaus, the King of Sparta. The Trojan war also brought together many heroes of the age from Achilles to Odysseus to Hector as well as the involvement of the gods Zeus and Aphrodite. Another aspect of these movies about the ancient war was the infamous Trojan Horse used to invade the walls of Troy and overcome the city. Trojan war movies are a fascinating look at the world during the Bronze Age and how history has come to remember this event from the past.  

  1. "Troy." Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana bring the ancient war of Homer's epic to the big screen as Achilles, Paris and Hector. Paris falls dangerously in love with Helen, Queen of Sparta, and takes her back to Troy with him. Wolfgang Petersen directs this action drama about the famed Trojan war against the combined forces of Greece's city states.

  2. "Helen of Troy." Robert Wise leads a cast to reenact the Iliad famous retelling about the events of the war from the Trojans point-of-view. A shipwrecked Paris of Troy  encounters a lovely woman named Helen withou knowing her position as Queen of Sparta. He flees with her due to their mutual love which gives many of the neighboring Greeks a cause to go to war against Troy. 

  3. "The Odyssey." Odysseus, Armand Assante returns home to the land of Ithaca from his victory in the Trojan war and to his beautiful wife, Penelope. The Greek god, Poseidon, curses the king and his crew and battle monsters like Scylla and the cyclops, Polyphemus. Soon, Odysseus returns home after years at sea only to find his house in disarray.

  4. "The Trojan Horse." Steve Reeves plays Aeneas at the tail end of the Trojan war who battles in the games against the famed Ajax. Aeneas argues with the Trojans to give back Helen to the Spartans to avoid further bloodshed after the death of Hector. Their enemies build the fabled Trojan Horse to enter the walls of Troy and eventually sack the city and slaughter its inhabitants. 

  5. "Ulysses." Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn star in this adaptation of Homer's epic where the famed Ulysses travels home after ten years of the Trojan War. His insubordination against the god Poseidon leads him to wander the seas lost for ten years before coming home to Ithaca. Mario Camerini's movie delves into the intrigue of Ulysses' absence as well as the fantastic forces that stand in his way. 

-Ed Mulero