The top 10 Vietnam War movies tell stories about the horrors of war and the difficulties soldiers face when trying to reintegrate themselves back into society. These movies are award winning films and bring the face of the Vietnam War to the screen for all to witness.

  1. “Full Metal Jacket”Stanley Kubrick directs one of the best Vietnam War movies, based on the novel “The Short-Timers” by Gustav Hasford. The movie follows Marines through training camp and into the Vietnam War. The movie features a memorable performance by R. Lee Ermey as a drill instructor.

  2. “The Deer Hunter” – Michael Cimino created this haunting movie about friends who go to fight in one of the best Vietnam War movies of all time. The movie won five Academy Awards and deals with the men who fought in the war and the mental illness that inflicted a number of them.

  3. “Good Morning, Vietnam” – Robin Williams stars in this comedy-drama, one of the top Vietnam War movies ever made. Williams plays a radio DJ for Armed Forces Radio who takes it upon himself to keep the troupes morale high. Many superiors found his broadcasts irreverent and sought to shut him down.

  4. “Platoon” – Oliver Stone directed this movie based on his own time served in the Vietnam War. The film stars Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Willem Defoe and was the first of Stone’s trilogy of Vietnam War movies. The movie won the Oscar for Best Picture, the only Stone movie to win that award.

  5. “Born of the Fourth of July” – Oliver Stone won his only Best Director Oscar for this movie, the second in his trilogy of Vietnam War movies. The movie details a veteran returning home paralyzed and disillusioned by the entire war efforts. He soon becomes a war protestor, completely turning on his prior beliefs.

  6. “Apocalypse Now”Francis Ford Coppola created this, one of the greatest Vietnam War movies ever made. The movie follows a Army special operative who is sent to assassinate a rogue US Colonel. Influenced by the novel “Heart of Darkness,” the movie won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

  7. “Forest Gump” – This schmaltzy movie about a simple man’s journey to immortality takes a stunnin break from the lighthearted attitude to visit the horrors of war in one of the best tales of Vietnam War Movies. Gump fights in the war and makes a close friend out of commanding officer Lt. Dan Taylor.

  8. “Hamburger Hill” – This movie remains one of the best Vietnam War movies, focusing on a single attack by the famed “Screaming Eagles” division of the U.S. Army. The movie is an unflinching look at the horrors of war and the effects of death on the men who fight for our freedom.

  9. “Rescue Dawn” – Christian Bale stars in this 2007 film, one of the best Vietnam War movies of all time. Directed by Werner Herzog, the movie centers on a pilot shot down in enemy territory. When he is captured and refuses to renounce America, he is imprisoned in a prison camp.

  10. “First Blood”Sylvester Stallone stars as John Rambo, a Vietnam veteran who returns home to find it there is no longer a place for him. Despite his heroic actions in the war, including a Medal of Honor, he is treated like a transient by a local sheriff and soon they find themselves at battle.