Do you want to check out some Mexican films about war? Mexican filmmakers have been making war movies for decades, so there are choices that are both recent and much older. Read on for a list of six notable Mexican war movies:

  1. "Innocent Voices" This Mexican war film centers on a boy struggling to deal with the violence all around him in 1980s El Salvador. The movie won various international awards, including Best Foreign Film from the San Diego Film Critics Society and Best Film from the Seattle International Film Festival.

  2. "Stronghold" This English-language Mexican film stars Veronica Lake as a young girl who goes to Mexico to escape the strife of the U.S. Civil War. Once there, she becomes involved in Mexican politics and gets kidnapped by a revolutionary.

  3. "Reed, Mexico Insurgente" This historical drama, based on newspaper accounts, is considered one of the first Mexican films to be made about the country's revolutionary war. It won Mexico's Golden Ariel film award.

  4. "Boom in the Moon" Another English language war movie from Mexico, this film stars Buster Keaton as a sailor lost at sea during World War II. When he lands in Mexico, he is thrown in prison and eventually sent to the moon.

  5. "Zapata" This biographical war movie is about Emiliano Zapata, a peasant who became one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution. The movie won three Premio ACE awards, including Best Actor, Best Director, and Film of the Year.

  6. "Let's Go With Pancho Villa" This Mexican war movie is the story of six peasants who decide to join Pancho Villa's army. Over the course of several battles, the group struggles to survive amidst the fighting.