Mexican American War movies take the heat of the explosive battles between two neighboring nations and place them on screen. The legends of the Mexican American War are retold in these breathtaking epic movies as the bullets and cannon fire erupt from both sides. Movies showcase the dramatic toll and affects of the Mexican American War through the eyes and voices from the soldiers deep in the trenches. The struggles of the Mexican American War never ceases to amaze audiences who watch the movies to better understand both sides of the border. Mexican American War movies are time capsules that bring the glory and tragedy of the battles that further shaped the landscape of North and Central America.  

  1. "The Alamo." Dennis Quaid, Billy Bob Thornton, and Emilio Echevarría star in the epic stand off between Texans and the Mexican army at the historical fort. The battle for Texan independence was a prelude for the Mexican American War since afterwards the republic became annexed into the United States in 1845, a year before the war started. John Lee Hancock directed this movie about Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and men who stood up to the powerful army of Santa Anna.  

  2. "One Man's Hero." Tom Berenger plays John Riley, an Irishman who flees from the U.S. Army along with his fellow countrymen due to prejudice of their ethnicity and Catholic faith. He ends up joining the Mexican army as a captain of a battalion referred to as the "San Patricios" against American forces during the Mexican American War. Lance Hool helmed this war epic about life, love and loyalties across the borders of two nations.

  3. "The Mexican-American War." Oscar De La Hoya hosts this TV movie from the History channel that reenacts pivotal times from the Alamo to the Mexican American War. The film also delves into the complex relationship of both countries throughout those tumultuous periods in each of their relations to examine relevant issues today such as immigration reform. Jim Lindsay directs this special look through the point of view of historians and historical figures of that era. 

  4. "Ravenous." Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle and David Arquette are cast in a movie about Captain Boyd who is stationed at a fort after his victory against the enemy at the Mexican-American War. A mysterious stranger arrives at his station and recounts tales of cannibalism from his party leader so the captain goes to investigate the gruesome story. Antonia Bird led this cast about a man who must overcome his inner cowardice in front of unspeakable horrors.