In the midst of a long and successful career—not to mention personal problems—there have been several Mel Gibson war movies. Spanning the course of human history and including battles all over the world, Mel Gibson has played a war hero time and time again.

  1. "Gallipoli" In his first war movie, Mel Gibson starts as an Australian sprinter thrust into conflict in the middle of World War I. As the conflict rages, the idealist Gibson enlists to fight for his country. He is sent to Egypt and ultimately Gallipoli to drive back the Ottoman Empire. The battle ends with the slaughter for the Australian troops at the hands of the Huns.

  2. "Attack Force Z" Mel Gibson moved on to World War II in this war film. He plays Captain P.G. Kelly, the leader of an elite Australian commando unit that undertakes a secret mission against the Imperial Japanese Army. This group of soldiers use reconnaissance and sabotage to cause havoc in the Empire of Japan.

  3. "Braveheart" Mel Gibson starred and also directed this war movie. As the Scottish William Wallace, Gibson leads his countrymen against thirteenth century England in order to expel the foreign rules from their country. This war movie features a climactic and violent final battle scene that sees the Scots victorious. This film also earned Gibson the Best Director and Best Picture Oscars in 1996.

  4. "The Patriot" Alongside the late Heath Ledger, Mel Gibson stars in this film that pits him against the English once again, this tim fighting for the independence of a fledgling America. Gibson has a personal vendetta against an English Colonel responsible for murdering two of his sons and gets bloody vengeance by impaling said Colonel with the American flag.

  5. "We Were Soldiers" In an attempt to leave no American conflict unturned, Mel Gibson stars in this war movie about the Vietnam War. Gibson plays a Lieutenant Colonel that leads the first group of American soldiers into the quagmire that is Vietnam and tries in vein to bring them home safely. In keeping with the theme of earlier war movies, this film is just as bloody and violent and an accurate depiction of war.