If you’re in the mood for a movie that’s all about war, then be sure to try one of the great Hollywood war movies for guys. From the great battles and figures of World War II to the horrors and psychological trauma of Vietnam, these movies manage to capture the terror and the grandeur that is part of war.

  1. "Lawrence of Arabia-This classic epic film, starring the inimitable Peter O’Toole, tells the story of the great British gentleman Lawrence of Arabia and his adventures in the Middle East. With its all-star cast, its stunning cinematography, and the power of the story, this is one Hollywood horror movie that stands above the rest.

  2. "300-Taking place in ancient Greece during the invasion of the massive Persian Empire, this Hollywood war movie tells the three hundred Spartans that stood against the might of the Persians, even though it meant their own death. With its stunning visuals, powerful special effects, and great (and very bloody) battle scenes, this Hollywood filmmaking at its grittiest best.

  3. "In the Valley of Elah-This Hollywood war film exposes the psychological trauma that is often the result of war, in this case the current war in Iraq. It follows a bereaved father (played by Tommy Lee Jones) as he attempts to discover who is responsible for his son’s death. What he finds will leave you stunned and gasping, the mark of a truly great Hollywood war movie.

  4. "The Hurt Locker"-This war film, which won director Kathryn Bigelow an Academy Award, depicts the horrors that the Iraq visits on those who fight in it, particularly those who have served more than one tour of duty.  With its gritty realism and its troubling ending, this is one war film that is not to be missed.

  5. "Patton"-This biopic, which depicts the life of the famous World War II general, stars the gruff but very enjoyable George C. Scott in one of his most famous film roles.  Although Patton is not the most sympathetic of historical figures, Scott manages to bring him to life and seems to actually embody the tough as nails persona that Patton exuded. This is one Hollywood war film that is not to be missed.

  6. "Pearl Harbor"-This famous film, which depicts the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, manages to not only depict the horrors of war, but also manages to throw a very touching romance into the story. If you like to watch films about pivotal moments in American history, this is the Hollywood film for you.

  7. "Enemy At the Gates"-This gritty war drama depicts the Battle of Stalingrad, and stars Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes. Although it was not particularly well-received by critics, those who like their war dramas filled with a little bit of personal character development and a great deal of grisly battle will definitely like this war film.

  8. "Flags of Our Fathers"-This war film, directed by the great Clint Eastwood, depicts the actions and lives of the men famous for their part in the Battle of Iwo Jima.  With its raw emotional power and poignant portrayal of war, this is one of the truly great Hollywood films depicting the events of World War II.

  9. "Full Metal Jacket"-If you want to watch one of the most disturbing and gritty Hollywood war films, then you will not want to miss this classic film, directed by the famous Stanley Kubrick.  With the signature style that was a hallmark of Kubrick, combined with its visceral portrayal of Vietnam, this is one war film that stands at the pinnacle of filmmaking.

  10. "Apocalypse Now"-This disturbing film, directed by the talented director Francis Ford Coppola, tells the story of a soldier’s attempt to bring down a rogue living in the wilds of Southeast Asia.  With an unforgettable performance by Marlon Brando, this is a war film that is sure to stay among the greats produced by Hollywood.