What are some English War Movies for guys? Some excellent war movies for guys have been made in England. War movies have been a staple of the movie industry for about as long as they have been making war movies in England. These movies include wars in which England fought and wars in which they did not. This list will include a few of each.

  1. "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp". The life and times of a British officer and how hi experiences in two wars shape his views in a third. It starts out seeing the old man and his outmoded ideals of war. Time travel back through two wars helps us see how he became the man he is. An unusually delightful story of war with humor and warm any man will enjoy.

  2. "Lawrence of Arabia". An English masterpiece. Peter O'Toole leads a stellar cast about British and Arab forces in the desert. Great locations, great cast and a great story makes for an epic most guys will watch time and again.

  3. "Bridge over the River Kwai". A great English movie about British POWs in World War II. The Japanese task them to make a bridge on the Burma-Siam railway and the movie revolves around the interaction between the Japanese and their captives. A side story is led by William Holden in the form of a group of commandos sent in to destroy the bridge. An English war movie classic for guys which is timeless.

  4.  "Zulu". Now this is a guys English war movie. A small contingent of British soldiers fortify a small group of buildings in Rorkes Drift against overwhelming numbers of Zulu warriors. A great cast led by Micheal Caine, stellar locations and fight scenes make this a guys movie all the way. Pop some corn and enjoy. 

  5. "The English Patient". A guys love story. The love affair is wrapped around WWII. The movie evolves through a series of flashbacks while the soldier is on his deathbed. If a guy has to watch a love story, war, heroics, politics, and the Sahara desert make it an interesting one the women might even enjoy.

There are some great English war movies for men. There are movies made in many different decades which reflect many different attitudes about war. They all have one thing in common. They portray brave men fighting in a war they may or may not have believed in, but serving their country none the less. Some are heroic and some are portrayed with their flaws for the world to see, but they were all men at war. Hopefully there is something in here which will appeal to you. Pop some corn and sit back and enjoy a few English war movies for men.

 - S.L.Dickinson