If you enjoy films that explore important social issues and entertain you at the same time,  check out these drug wars movies for guys. Whether these drug wars movies reveal historical perspectives about drugs or force you to walk in someone else’s shoes, all of them are ideal for men. This list of drug war movies for guys has something for every man: humor, action, violence and gritty reality.  

  1. "American Gangster" (2007) The most horrifying thing about this drug wars movie is that it is based on a real-life drug lord, Frank Lucas. Lucas was so ruthless he actually imported drugs in the caskets of fallen American soldiers in Vietnam. Detective Richie Roberts is where the war on drugs comes in; he pursues him relentlessly. Directed by Ridley Scott, this drugs wars movie has it all: intrigue, action, history, grit and woman trouble.

  2. “The French Connection” (1971) This may just be the ultimate drugs war movie for guys because it not only reveals the complexity of international drug-trafficking networks, but it also shows the complexity of the law enforcement officers who investigate them. Gene Hackman stars as an alcoholic cop named Jimmy Doyle—a character that challenges the black- and-white view of good versus evil so often portrayed in drug wars movies.

  3. “Traffic” (2000) This Steven Soderbergh film questions the sanity on the American drug war policies, making it a perfect drug war movie for guys who are interested in tough social issues.  This drug war movie won four Academy Awards for its thought provoking portrayal of four moving, human stories about the war on drugs—including a conservative judge who ascends to the post of U.S. drug czar, only to learn his daughter is an addict. 

  4. "Deep Cover" (1992) No doubt the war on drugs in the United States is fraught with racial tension, and this drug wars movie explores that side of the issue brilliantly. Laurence Fishburne plays an African-American police officer who goes undercover in a drug smuggling operation. For guys who like to think deeply about tough social issues like drugs, "Deep Cover" is the perfect drug wars movie.

  5. “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” (2007) This drug wars documentary reveals what it is lik fighting the frontlines of the war on drugs, focusing on everyone from politicians to gang members to law enforcement officers. Maybe because filmmaker Kevin Booth endured the deaths of four loved ones from legal drugs, he presents a uniquely critical view—making this the perfect drug war movie for guys.