There are many Cuban Revolution films which will foster a better understanding of one of the most significant events in twentieth century history. Cuban Revolution films feature different takes on the revolution depending on who makes it. Below is an interesting mix of some of the best. 

  1. "Che: A Revolutionary Life." Steven Soderbergh directed this 2008 biographical movie about Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. This was more than four decades after Che's assassination in 1967. Benicio Del Toro plays Ernesto "Che" Guevara, an Argentine medical student who becomes a guerilla warrior, then a Cuban politician. 

  2. "Fidel Castro." PBS produced this Cuban Revolution documentary film about the late Fidel Castro, Cuba's revolutionary president. This documentary highlights the relationship between Cuba and the United States. PBS interviews human rights campaigners and lots of friends and relatives of Castro. You'll learn about CIA assassination attempts, planned US invasions and general info about the life of one of the most remarkable cigar puffing politicians in the world. 

  3. "Cuban Story." American actor Errol Flynn and film producer Victor Pahlen both owned a movie theater in Cuba when the revolution went down. The two men documented as much as they could and produced this 1953 Cuban Revolution film. Flynn hosts the documentary which covers the early uprisings and lots of Fidel Castro footage. This film was buried until 2002, which was the first time it became publicly available. 

  4. "Cuban Rebel Girls." Errol Flynn starred in this 1959 film as himself, but as a war correspondent. It's a fictional Cuban Revolution film based on Flynn's real experiences in Cuba. This film was made with the blessing of Castro while he and others were stil fighting against the dictatorship. Flynn plays a hero role by helping the revolution succeed. Also known as "Attack of the Rebel Girls," the film features some of the women who participated in the Cuban Revolution. Flynn's girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, played one of the rebel girls. If you want an extremely pro-revolution film written by one of Castro's chums, then you won't want to miss this one. 

  5. "Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism." Here's another sympathetic 2010 Cuban Revolution film from UK based "Rock Around the Blockade." It outlines the adaptability of the Cuban people and government despite attacks and sanctions from capitalist countries in the Americas and Europe. You'll learn how the revolutionary economy was set up and how it has changed through five decades. If you want a European Marxist viewpoint of the Cuban Revolution, then you definitely want to check out this great Cuban Revolution film.